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Jeffrey -jigs- Kroesen

Name: Jeffrey Kroesen
Email: jigs@home.nl

I live in the Netherlands!

Good traders:
kylec123 (Kyle Cherry
Robert Forbes
Bert Cannaerts (Teenagelust)
Philippe Arama (Posiforce)
Jasper De Deyne (bonzoxxx)
beecki (stijn Beeckmans)
Ben Gosling (osakaben)x 3
Jon Svensson
Sam Knight
David Waraksa (Brooklyndodger)
Stefan Wild (evopop)
Uros sprah (Slinch)
Chris Brizzolara (Brizz)
Patrick Kruisdijk x 10
Jan Lenders
Mel Hughes
Joshua Speer.
Marcos Picchio
Francisco Aranda

Bad trader:
None yet... let's keep it that way! 

These are my doubles or just records I want to get rid off:


Above all � same (sure hand)
Absolution � same (lush life)
Abusive action � same Abusive action stamp  (Not just words)
Abusive action � demo with zine (crucial response)
Abusive action � demo   testpress
Acme � same  (Machination)
Acme � same   clear vinyl  (Machination)
Afflicted � same (relapse)
Agoraphobic nosebleed � same  (clean plate)
Ajax � bleach for breakfast 7� (Even worse)
All out war - hymns of the apocalypse (original)
All out war � hymns of the apocalypse red vinyl (triple machine)
All out war � hymns of the apocalypse green vinyl (triple machine)
Alpha omega � same 2nd press black vinyl 100 made
American nightmare � euro tour ep 2001  purple vinyl ( Bridge nine)
American standard � salvation  clear vinyl (Blackout!)
Amorphis � vulgar necrolatry  (relapse)
Amsterdamned � same   (gummopunx)
Amsterdamned � same  (gummopunx) white vinyl
Amulet � life on the edge of chaos (bridge)  blue vinyl
Anathema � same (witchhunt)
Ancients � same (war on music)
Angelcorpse � wolflust (sons of vengeance)
Another reason � take control tour press
Another reason � take control clear vinyl
Another wall � same  (doghouse)
Answer, the � same (excursion) gold vinyl 
Arctic monkeys � don't sit down  RSD 2011
Ares kingdom � chaosmongers alive  (agonia)
Atrocious madness � spectres of holocaust (wicked witch)
Automatic � same (capsule)  red vinyl
Automaton � same (hater of god ) lim edition clear vinyl
Autumn � wire hangers grey vinyl #ed/150 (nevermore)
AWOL � another way of life (Reaper)
Baby harp seal � same (subjugation)
Backdraft � the stream (crucial response)
Backdraft � the stream (crucial response) white vinyl
Backlash - once ago (Conquer the world / Chapter)
Bad brains � pay to cum  RSD 2011 
Bad seed � same (6131)  (blue vinyl)
Bad seed � same (6131)  (green vinyl)
Bad seed � world view (control)
balance � never quit (shortfude) australian tour edition
Baptism � same  (northern heritage)
Baroness � a horse called golgotha  (relapse)
Beach house � lazuli  purple vinyl
Beware � won't get the best of me (back to back)
Beware � won't get the best of me  pre order #/150 red vinyl  (control)
BGK � white male dumbinance  bootleg
Billingsgate � reach out (victory ) white vinyl
Birds of a feather - - GB rip off #ed/20
Birth ritual � kumagaya demo (tadpole)
black army jacket � the path of two swords
black out � same (indecision)
Blank stare -  white hell (colored vinyl ) (third party)
Blank stare � same  (refuse)
Blindside � same  red vinyl (powered)RESERVED
Blindspot � all this hate (conversion)
Blindspot � the beginning 2x7� (springtime)
Blood I bleed � same (Fast and furious)
Bloodlet - husk (Structure)
Bloodlet - same (smorgasbord) red vinyl
Bloodlet - same (stability)
Bloodlet � embrace 1993 (A389)
Bluuurgh � suffer within  2x7�
Bombs of hades � into the infernal pit of fire  (detest)
Bombs of hades � recoil in horror (de nihil)
Bone awl � night is indifferent  #ed / 400   (klaxon) 
Born against � same  (vermiform)
Bracewar � same (brain grenade)
Brain implosion - sandgrains (putrefaction records)
Breakdown � 87 demo   Yellow vinyl ( Blackout)
Broken cross � secret destruction (Apocalyptic vision)
Broken cross � anti human life  (holy terror) colored
Break it up � demo 7�  white vinyl
Brutality � same (nuclear blast)  clear vinyl 
Burn � same    yellow vinyl  RSD 2011  (revelation)
Burned up bled dry � cloned slaves..  (slap a ham)
Career suicide � cherry beach (dirtnap)
Carol � prefabricated (per koro)
Carry nation - face the nation clear vinyl (workshed)
Carry on � same   ( Teamwork)
Catavomb � the retirn of the ark (soa)
Cattle decapitation � decapitacion (prono de accidente) green vinyl
Cattle press - same (devastating soundworks)
Celtic frost � the collectors   red vinyl
Chain of strength � true till death  green vinyl  (revelation)
Chain of strength � true till death  (revelation)
Chain of strength -  what holds us apart (mindpower)
Chain of strength -  what holds us apart  clear vinyl (first strike)
Champions, the � once and future kings (moo cow)
Chorus - godfather (nemesis)
Chronical diarrhoea � royal diarrhoea � green vinyl promo ep (anto schelski)
Circle storm � spirit  (ambassador)  Gold vinyl
Citizens arrest - a light in the darkness (wardance) 
Claws � the funeral barge (doomentia)  blue vinyl / 100
Collapse � same (HLH)
Collateral damage � same (indecision) �2
Colt turkey � christmas sucks (crucial response)
Colt turkey � christmas sucks  lim cover (crucial response)
Conviction - same (watermark)  blue vinyl
Cornered � fuck off  pre order  white label #ed/ 50 (the limit)
Corpsessed � same (Dark descent)
Crazy spirit � same  (toxic state)
Crazy spirit � i'm dead 
Creem � same (Static shock)
Criminally insane - oh my satan (parts unknown)
Cult ritual � same (drugged conscious)
Culture � same pre-cover (shadow records) blue vinyl #ed/100
Deadguy � work ethic  (engine)
Death breath - same (black lodge) 
Death evocation � same (quality control)
Death evocation � same (quality control) blue vinyl
Deadwait � same (life sentence)
Deceased � gut wrench (Relapse)
Despise you - same (pessimisser / theologian) 
Despise you � one sided 7�(IFMH)  
Devil's blood, the � The graveyard shuffle  (Van) 
Devil's blood, The � fire burning (Van)
Devoid of faith � slow motion enslavement lim ed #25 queensday release 1997
Die � same (sonic terror)
Die � vexed (sonic terror)
Dirty black summer � same (slasher)  red vinyl 
Disma � the manifestation  clear vinyl #/444 (necroharmonic)
Downpresser � age of ignorance (BBB) red vinyl Sound and fury press 
DS 13 � aborted teen generation  grey marbled
DS 13 � for the kids, not the business
DS 13 � thrash and burn 6�  grey marbled
Earth crisis � all out war (conviction)
Empathy � same (Element)
Encounter � lost  (Redemption)
Endeavor � of equality (happy days)
Entrapment � crawling morbidity white vinyl (detest)
Entombed � but life goes on (leftover ep from southern lord)
Eternal champion � same  (Hell massacre)
Eucharist � same  (obscure plasma)
Evil spirit � sempiternal punishment  (iron bonehead) #ed/300
evolved to obliteration � same  grey vinyl  (clean plate)
Extortion � control orange vinyl (deep six)
Extortion � control green vinyl (deep six)
Extortion � terminal cancer   (shortfuse / WBW)
Eyeball � talking straight  lim edition #ed/80 white vinyl  (crucial response)
Fade � same  pre order blue vinyl #ed/100  (Control)
Falling forward � let this day pass  (Noble)  colored vinyl
Falling forward � acoustic 7�  (Initial)
Far from breaking - the indentity (blue vinyl) (youngblood) 
Fast times � where were you  (Smorgasbord)
Feeding the fire - no submission (red wax records)
Flex, the � don't bother with the outside world (lockin out)
Flex, the � don't bother with the outside world (lockin out) red vinyl
Fight, the - demo  (stief from Justice one man project) (anger management)
Floorpunch � division one champs  red vinyl  #ed/200
Floorpunch � division one champs  blue vinyl
Floorpunch - new jersey crew tour 7� #ed / 300)
Foundation � hang my head  (six ft under)
Four walls falling � punish the machine (understand records)
Free spirit � free yourself  (lockin out)  red vinyl 
Fucked up � black army  (burning sensation)  white labels
Fucked up � black cross  (burning sensation)  white labels
Fucked up - year of the pig (regular version) (matador)
Fucked up � year of the pig (Uk version) (Matador)
Fucked up � year of the pig  (Japan version) (matador)
Fucked up � crooked head (matador)
Fucked up � no epiphany  (matador)
Fucked up � daytrotter  (matador)
Fucked up � david's plan 
Full speed ahead � born and bred (Teamwork) 
Funeral dirge � the black breath (selbstmord service)
Garrison � the bend before the break (revelation) green vinyl
Get up kids � same (Huey proudhon)
Go! - your power means nothing at all (king fish)   
Go! - why suffer (forefront)  
Goatwhore � don't need religion flexi (Decibel)
Gold � medicine man (Van)  blue vinyl
Golden void � same (valley king) #ed/500
Gone but not forgotten � seattle crew blue vinyl  (React)
Gone but not forgotten � seattle crew white vinyl  (React)
Good clean fun � who shares wins (Phyte) grey vinyl
Gorilla biscuits � same (revelation) purple lettering, yellow vinyl
Gorilla biscuits � same (revelation) red lettering old press
Gorilla biscuits � a new direction  (Flex records)  
Gorilla biscuits � live at the safari club #ed
Gorilla biscuits � demo's 86  #ed/1000
Grade � same (wheatfiel press)
Green rage � same  first press(Reflection)
Grip � friction, burn fatal  - gold/orange vinyl  (new age)
Growing concern � what we say (SOA) clear vinyl
Growing concern � never fades away (SOA)
Guiding line � showdown (Commitement)
Guiding line � second ep limited pre cover (third party) orange vinyl
Guilt � empty white vinyl  (Initial)
Guns up outlive - 7�  (colored vinyl - #ed / 500) (1917 records)
Half off - shoot guns (red vinyl) (new beginning)
Hands tied - same � euro tour version PX rip off #ed / 300 colored vinyl)
Health hazard � not just a nightmare 
Heist - same (spiral objective) 
His hero is gone � same  (Coalition)
Herder � herder = harder (Wolfsbane)  testpress #ed/14
Herder � herder = harder (Wolfsbane)  purple vinyl + patch
Herder � herder = harder (Wolfsbane) record release show #ed/40
Herder � herder = harder (Wolfsbane)
Hewhocurrupts � same (Gilead) gold vinyl
Holeshot � same (Glue)
Holeshot � pacemaker (Reservoir)
Hoax � same  (Deranged)
Hoax � same (Painkiller)
Ice � l'chaim  (Ringside)
Icepick � quicksand  (blue vinyl)  (not just words)
Impel � same (redwood limited) #ed/400
In cold blood - same   
Indecision � same (RPP)
Infest � mankind draw blank : press 1500
In/humanity - your future lies�  (tour edition #ed/200) (coalition) 
Ink and dagger � drive this seven inch..  (Initial)
Ink and dagger � sensation (Initial)
Ink and dagger � love is dead  tour 7� #ed/300  white vinyl 
In my eyes � demo 7�  euro tour edition #ed/400  clear vinyl
Innumerable forms � dark worship   green vinyl 
Inside front fanzine # 12 with Umlaut 6 �  
Inside out � no spiritual surrender white vinyl
Inside out � no spiritual surrender red vinyl
Inside out � no spiritual surrender clear vinyl
In solitude � lavender  (Svart)
In solitude � serpents are rising (Svart) pink vinyl
In solitude � serpents are rising (Svart)
Insult � the scumbag dude sessions
Insult - scumbag dude sessions  lim edition #ed
Insurance risk � OC hardcore lim tour press 200
Integrity � septic death ep  (bloodbook) #ed/900
Integrity � walpurgisnacht  grey vinyl  (A389)
Intent to injure - keep us strong (colored vinyl) (Overkill #1 ) 
Iron age - butchers bill   (lockin out)
Iron age - EU 7� 
Iron age - the way is narrow (clear vinyl) (dead and gone)
Iron age - the way is narrow  lim cover  #ed/65 
Iron boots - demo (brain grenade)
Iron boots - easy green (brain grenade)
Ironside � fragments  (Subjugation)
Ironside � damn your blooded eyes  (Stormstrike)
Isolation � same  pre order #ed/70 
Jesuit � same  (reservoir)
Jesuit � same  2nd ep (Hydrahead)
Judge � new york crew  (schism)
Judge � new york crew   (revelation) orange cover / blue vinyl
Judge - there will be quiet.. (revelation) gold vinyl
Junction � mouth as a gun  red vinyl (Art monk construction)
Justice - look alive (complete control)
Justice - look alive (second press green swirl) (complete control)
Justice - up and down  (powered)
Keep it clear � same   (legimate bros)
Keep it clear � same  (not just words)   green vinyl
Keep it clear � same   (not just words)  orange vinyl
Kill holiday � monitor dependency (New age)
Knife fight - same (stamped)(My war)  
Knife fight - burning bridges (My war)  
Know your enemy - same (white vinyl) (crucial response)
Know your enemy - same (yellow vnyl) (crucial response)
Know your enemy - same lim silk screened cover (Crucial response)
Koro � 700 club  (sorry state)
Kriegsh�g � hardcore hell  (heartfirst)
Kylesa � no ending (Prank) colored vinyl)
Kylesa � same  (colored vinyl) (hyperrealist) 
Life�s blood - defiance  (Combined effort) 
Lifeforce � same  (Red silience)
Lifetime � same  (New age)
Lights out � get out   (youngblood) yellow vinyl
Lincoln � same  (watermark) 
Lincoln � same  (watermark) green vinyl
Lincoln � same (art monk construction)
Lockweld - son of man (dwid / integrity) (tee pee)  
Loxiran - same (per koro)
Macabre � nightsstalker (relapse)grey pruple vinyl
Madmen � same (slasher)
Madness � baggy trousers
Magic circle � scream evil (Hell's massacre)
Major damage � same
Malicious disfigurement � same  #ed/300  (Tadpole)
Manliftingbanner � myth of freedom
Massacre � provoced accurser  (earache)
Mastodon - capillarian crest  (relapse)
Mayday � lost in sabbath  (Endless fight)
Mean season � bleed to me (new age)  clear vinyl
Mental - bum rush ep (colored vinyl) (six ft under)
Metroshifter � number one for a second (doghouse) orange vinyl
Metroshifter � the truth is always the right answer   clear vinyl
Midnight souls � colder  (reflections)
Midnight souls � colder  (reflections)  white vinyl
Mind eraser � the prodigal son brings death  (youngblood)
Misery index � hang em high   (lim edition #ed / 200)
Mizery � survive the vibe  pink vinyl  (Lion's share)
Monastry � the process   (skin drill)  grey vinyl  
Monstermagnet � flexi - decibel
Morbid angel � nevermore 
Morbid life society � herbspiration (625)
Morning again � to die a bitter death 
Mortician - mortal massacre (relapse)
Mortuary drape � black flames of blasphemy (iron tyrant) purple vinyl   
Mouthpiece � same  (new age)  first press 
Mouthpiece � same  (new age)  first press purple vinyl
Mouthpiece � face tomorrow  summer tour  clear vinyl
Mouthpiece � reuinion show lim edition  #ed/50
Multiplex - quest for the clearness (visceral) 
Murder squad � same (Wolfsbane)  testpress #ed/21
Murder squad � same (Wolfsbane)  red vinyl + patch
Murder squad � same (Wolfsbane)
Mutilated � resurrected  (TOD)
Nails � obscene humanity  (Southern lord)
Names for graves � vs 2.1 (refuse) red vinyl
Napalm death � the curse  (Earache)
Neckbrace � same (no cruelty)
Necrocurse � insane curse of morbidity (aftermath)
Necrovation � gloria mortus 
Nekrofilth � street bitch  purple vinyl  (Doomentia)
No for an answer - you laugh (second press) (revelation)
No for an answer � you laugh  (third press) (revelation)
No goods, the - I wanna change  (high school refuse)
No reason � xxx  (Immigrant sun)
No reply � same  (mankind)  blue vinyl
North � perfect body perfect soul (Commitment)
Nothing done � same  (not just words)
No tolerance � no remorse no tolerance
Oath, the � us tour ep  larm cover
Oathbreaker � same  (30 days of night) clear / black splatter
Obliteration � goat skull crown (indie)
Obstruct � no life (northern wisdom)
On � control  (legimate bros)
On a solid rock � same (Commitment)
One day closer � demo ep  red vinyl  (coalition)
One 4 one � I won't lose (rpp)
One king down - gravity wins again (colored vinyl) (equal vision)
One step beyond � same (pateline)
Onion � same  (crisis)
Onward � same (crucial response) first press
One X more � same (commitment)
One X more � they say that you sold out (commitment)
Open season � 1989-1991 (SOA) yellow vinyl
Outburst - miles to go (Blackout) 
Outspoken � survival  
Outspoken � survival    brown marbled vinyl 
Outspoken � the current  clear vinyl  (new age) original press
Outstand � same  #ed/500
Overcast - stirring the killer (inner rage) 
Overcast - begging for indifference (colored vinyl #ed / 666) (Edison)  
Pagan babies � immaculate conception  (positive force)
Paindriver � the truth (sound pollution)
Pain runs deep � same (the essence) #ed/70
Panic � dying for it  (bridge 9)  ble / yellow vinyl
Panic � same (bridge 9)  clear vinyl
Pan.thy.monium � dream II  (obscure plasma)
Panzerbastard � same (fighting boys)
Peacebreakers � every day battles (RNR disgrace)
People�s court, the � same   (skene)
Phallacy � against it  (Struggle)
Phlebotomized � in search of tranquillity  red vinyl (MMI)
Pick your side � same (demonomania)
Pink flamingo's � same (farewell)
Pittbull � same (initial)
Plan of attack � same (the silent architect)  red /white vinyl
Point blank - same (nemesis)  
Point blank � we won't be silenced  (nemesis)
Point of few � same  (first ep )
Point of few - same (profound ripp off #ed)
Point of view � same (faded image)
Poison planet � oblivious  (third party)  pink vinyl
Porkeria � same
Proclamation � straight edge hardcore  (bridge nine)
Profound � integirty  (crucial response)
Profound � integirty  (crucial response) lim cover
Project X � same  old bootleg on Champion records
Project X � straight edge revenge (bridge nine)  pre order #ed/500 white vinyl + schism book
PX  (product x) � who makes the heroes (commitment) 
Punch in the face - same (lengua armada) 
Pure disgust � chained (Quality control)  clear vinyl
Purpose � what's it worth  (Special forces)
Pushed too far � lost time  (Teamwork)  blue vinyl 
Pushed too far � lost time  (Teamwork)lim edition #ed/100 
Quick fix � 6 track ep (adult crash)
Quicksand � same  (revelation) rsd 2011 blue vinyl
Quicksand � same  (revelation) green vinyl
Quicksand � same  (revelation) red vinyl
Rain on the parade � full speed ahead (red vinyl) 
Rain on the parade - full speed ahead (yellow vinyl ) (my war)
Rain on the parade � fired up  (youngblood) red vinyl
Rancor � flip the switch (Youngblood) green logo � green vinyl
Rancor � flip the switch (Youngblood) red logo � green vinyl
Rancor � flip the switch (Youngblood) black and white cover
Rancor � never hold back (Youngblood) clear vinyl
Raw nerve � midnight  (youth attack)
Reaching forward � pride is everlasting � record release show #ed/98 yellow vinyl
Reaching forward � final ep � final show press green vinyl � white labels #ed/100
Reason to believe � the next door (nemesis)
Reason to believe � the next door (nemesis) blue vinyl
Rearranged � same (React!)
Rectify � how we feel (Crucial response) (white vinyl)
Rectify � by your side (crucial response)  red vinyl
Regulations � same  (putrid filth)
Reign supreme � american violence (deathwish) red/black splatter
Reinforce � one life thug free  (sporty spice edition #ed/30)
Rejuvenate � same  (free spirit)
Relapse � if this is right (conversion)
Release � the pain inside  (axtion packed)
Repugnant � premature burial  pic disc (soulseller) 
Revolution X - same
Rhythm to the madness - soul doubt  pre order #ed- colored) Powered
Riff raff - lowlifer (colored vinyl) (eating rats)  
Right idea � demo  (refuse)  white vinyl pre order #ed/77
Rise above � same  (punk etc)
Rise and fall � same   (deathwish)  pink vinyl 
Roky Erickson and the aliens � RSD 2013
Rotting christ - ?  (osmose)
Rotting out � vandalized (6131)
Ruidosa inmundicia � huellas de odio (heartfirst)
Satanic threat � in to hell   (gloom)
Satanic warmaster � ondskapens makt   (northern heritage)
Satanic warmaster � winter's hunger (northern heritage)
Satanic warmaster � in eternal fire (northern heritage)
Sauna youth � youth 
S.B.V � same  (Parts unknown)
S.B.V. - swallow the pil  pre order #ed/50 red vinyl (Refuse)
Scab � sixth and new york (Carburetor)
Scalplock � inculcate the fear (retribution)
Sceptres, the � same   (dire)
Scrotum grinder � same  (Burrito)
Second coming � same (Chapter)
Seein red � more of the same  (wicked witch)
Seein red � trefwoord punk   (kaal / left wing) (pre coalition records)
Sentenced � the glow of 1000 suns (Planet metal)
Set straight - the dreams alive (blue vinyl) (looking back records) #ed/100
Sepultura � rots bloody roots  red vinyl  (Roadrunner)
Setherial � treason (goathorned) #ed/500
Seven inch boots � tamped concrete  (snoop)
Sex drive � same (snackboy)
Sex vid - tanja  (dom America)
Sex vid - tanja  2nd press (dom America)
Shame � same  (Quality control)
Shark attack - same (my war)
Shark attack - feeding frenzy (my war)
Sheer mag � 1  (static shock)
Sheer mag � 2 (katorga works)
Shitty, limits � straight forward / messin with the kid  (la vida)
Shitty limits � last orders 
Shelter � in defense of reality   (equal vision)
Sick of it all � same (4th press)
Sick/Tired � same (cowabunga)
Sick/Tired � the lifetaker
Side by side - you�re only young once  first press (revelation)  
Side by side - you�re only young once  second press (revelation)  
Side by side - you�re only young once  3rd press (revelation)  
Skelletonwitch � flexi  (decibel)
Slaughter � nocturnal hell  (fringe)
Slipknot � same  (revelation)  red vinyl
Snapcase � steps
Soberesponse � different path  red vinyl (Cmmitment)
Sonne adam � the sun is dead gold vinyl (Imperium)
Soul control � playing coward (triple B)
Soul control � playing coward  repress white vinyl (triple B)
Soul control � flux (copper lung)
Soul control � fundamental forces  (orange vinyl) (DBD)
Soul control � fundamental forces  (DBD)
Soul control � like spiders TBD
Soul control � like spiders (colored vinyl) TBD
Sparkmarker � atomos 
Sparkmarker - scallen
Spawn � same  (emblem) green vinyl
Spectres � vision of a new world  white vinyl (whisper in darkness)
Spirit � same (resurrection ad)
Spirit assembly � fruit of hate (motherbox)
Spirit assembly � old joe the eternal  (Motherbox)
Spirit of youth � same  (Crucial response)
Spitboy � mi cuerpo es mio (allied)
Spitboy � rasana  (ebullition)
Splinter � scather  dark-red vinyl (Stormstrike)
Split lip � union town  without zine
Split lip � union town + anti matter fanzine
Sportswear � it runs deep  (orange vinyl)
Stampin' ground � dawn of night (days of fury)
Start today � the end  (NLB)
Statement � don't sacrifice me (Battery)
State of mind - bitter times, better times (light the fuse)
Statue � something to say (ambassador)  white vinyl
Stench � same   (soulseller)
Stench � same (2014) (agonia) blue vinyl + patch
Stench of decay � visions beyond death (detest)
Step forward � 10 song ep (painkiller)
Stick together - no more games  (pre order #ed + Colored)  (Control recs)
Stick together � survibing the times  (pre order #ed + Colored)  (Control recs)
STP � same  (boston's finest)
Strain � same (heartfirst)
Street trash - five dirty fingers (my war)
Strip the threads � won't hold back  (not just words)  Blue vinyl 
Strife � my fire burns on (first press)
Strife � my fire burns on (re press)
Strife � same (indecision)
Strife � grey   red vinyl
Striking distance � same first press white label #ed/500
Submission hold � garlic for victory (Hopscotch)
Sulphur aeon � deep down they sleep (imperium)
Sunspring � slinky (slamdek)
Supercrush � same (bedside)
Swallowing shit � love is the act.. (commode)
Swallowing shit � let my struggling spirit (spiral objective)
Sworn in � same  (reflections / bridge 9) clear / black vinyl
Systematic death � systema (armageddon label) 
Systral � maximum entertainment  (per koro)
Tear it up � same (Havoc) purple vinyl
Terdor � no peace for our time
Texas is the reason � same peach vinyl (Revelation)
Thenceforward � from within (phyte)
Thenceforward � winner (Phyte)
This world rejected � same  (initial)
Threadbare � same  (Watermark)
324 - same  (625)
324 � soulwinter  (hg fact)
Throwdown � same  first ep 
Thumbs down � going for gold clear vinyl 
Time has come � same red vinyl (CI)
Toe to toe � no gods  (Kangaroo)
Torche � harmonslaught (Amnesian)
Transcend � product of greed (doghouse)
Trapped under ice - demo 2007 (clear) (flatspot)
Tremors � island songs (the essence)
Tremors � island songs (the essence) red vinyl #ed/100
Tremors � island songs (six ft under)
Tremors � island songs (si ft under) green vinyl
Trial by jury � ignite (last stand)
Tribulation � the death and rebirth of  (century media)
Tribulation � waiting for the death blow  clear vinyl (Century media)
Tribute � torch songs  white vinyl (day after)
Triggerman � sinker (ringside)
Triple threat � a new chapter  white vinyl (livewire)
Triple threat � a new chapter  blue vinyl (livewire)
True blue � the ice  Icemen rip off cover
True colors - perspective (pre order #ed - colored) (powered) 
True colors � consider it done  (control) pre order #ed � colored
Turbonegro - same (hit me)  
Turmoil � evolution of lies  (cm)
25 ta life - same (striving for togetherness) 
Twitching tongues � preacher man clear vinyl  
Ultimate blowup � same (killed by death)
Ultimate warriors -  nazo wrestle violence  purple vinyl (double decker)
Umlaut - 6� comes with inside front zine!
Unbroken � and / fall on proverb  (31g)
Unbroken � circa 77   (new age)
Uncle acid � poison apple  black vinyl  (rise above)
Uncle acid � poison apple  mint green vinyl  (rise above)
Uncle acid � mind crawler  blue vinyl  (Rise above)
Undergang � Haevntorst  flexi 7�
Undertow � the exticntion of all that is holy (overkill)
Undertow � the edge of quarrel  red vinyl  (overkill)
Undertow � stalemate  (excursion)
Undertow � control (Overkill)
Undertow � control  (overkill)  grey vinyl)
Union town - demo 07  (pre order #ed colored) (powered)
Union town � same  (sabotage)
Unit pride � then and now (step forward)
Unity � blood days (it's alive)
Unruh - same
Upfront � daybreak  first press  (New age)
Urban waste � same  (way back when)
Urfaust � same  purple vinyl  (Van)
Urko � thrash it up  (inflammable material)
Utter bastards � same (625)
Vaccine � crimes in blood 5� 
Vampire � same yellow vinyl  first press
Vanity � yer fucking boring (Katorga)
Veil � time will tell�  (threesome)
Vile gash � same  white vinyl (youth attack)
Vile gash � same  (2nd ep?) (youth attack) clear vinyl
Violent minds � same  (my war)
Violent reaction � same (quality control)
Vision � undiscovered  (CI)
Vital remains � the black mass (thrash)
Vitamin x � straight edge crew  blue vinyl (Commitment)
Vitamin x � once upon a time � release show cover (Commitment)
VMW � same red vinyl  (youth attack)  
Vogue - same (vogue)
Vogue - no vogue (holy shit)
Void � condensed flesh (eye 95)
Walk proud � be yourself  first press 
Watain � reaping death   pic disc 
Watain � all that may bleed 7�
Watain � all that may bleed 7� red vinyl
Watain � all that may bleed 7� picture disc 
Weapon X � same  clear vinyl (out of step)
Wide awake � ct hardcore (schism) first press)
Worlds collide � same  (Victory)
X-men � we won't take part (Commitment)
Xoskeletons � asthmagasm  red vinyl (Malfunction)
You and I � first sevn inch  (track star)
Youth against fascism � libertad (alarma)
Youth of today � live at van hall  (commitment)  grey vinyl 
Youth of today � disengage (revelation)  RSD 2011  red vinyl
Youth of today � disengage (Revelation)
Yuckmouth � same  green vinyl (Conversion)
Zom � same first press  (Iron bonehead)

Split ep:

Absconded / beyond discription (wicked witch)
Absu / Rumpelstiltskin grinder (relapse)
Aftershock / Dive (SIH)
Agents of satan / No less red vinyl (bad people)
Alchemyst / Mosaic (iron bonehead)
Anatomi 71 / Bombstrike  (d-tact)yellow vinyl
Antediluvian / Temple nightside  clear (Nuclear winter)
Antimob / Burial  split (Hardware)
Benumb / dukes of hazard  lim edition (slap a ham)
Birds of a feather / in defence  clear yellow vinyl
Bloodpact / Reaching forward (reflections)  white vinyl
Bombs of hades / suffer the pain  (Doomentia)
Born from pain / Iron skull   (fat for life)  green vinyl
Brutal truth / Bongzilla  picture disc 
Burn the priest / Zed (goatboy)
Burn the priest / Agents of satan (deaf american)
Chain to thread / Bleed 
Chamberlain / Old pike 2x7�
Cold world / War hungry   black vinyl
Cold world / War hungry  red vinyl
Converge / dropdead   green vinyl
Dahmer (OH) / Schnauzer  (cololed vinyl) (metal enterprise)
DS13 / sic transiit gloria mundi 
Desaster / Sabbath (Iron pegasus)  
Desperate corruption / Enemy soil   (bovine)
Despise you / suppression  (slap a ham)
Disdain / Seasons change  lim. Edition (transit)  
Disma / Winterwofl  (doomentia)
Disma / Winterwofl  (doomentia) picture disc 
Enfold / june's tragic drive
Entombed / Evile split picture disc (Earache)
Entrapment / massive assault (wolfsbane)
Erazor / Protector  (evil spell)
Evolved to obliteration / No less
Extortion / Agents of abhorrence  split 7�  (clear vinyl)
Extortion / Rupture  split 5�
Extortion / Septic surge (RSR)
Extortion / completed exposition
Extortion / Jed whitey 
Falling forward / Metroshifter  acoustic (initial)
Feeding the fire / Spawn clear vinyl (crucial response)
Foreclosure / Set aside 
Framtid / seein red  (hate)
Fucked up / Haymaker  grey vinyl
Gehenna / california love
Gehenna / blind to faith
God's america / human junk
Graveyard / Nominon vlue vinyl #ed/500 (cyclone empire)
Grinding halt / diet pills
Hatespawn / Signum Diabolis 
Hatespawn / Dead congregation
Hatespawn / Charon  (sepulchral voice)  
Hellchild / Gomorrha  (per koro)
Hooded menace / Asphyx  (doomentia)
Inhume / Blood 
Into darkness / Ghoulgotha red vinyl  (unholy domain)
Katharsis / Antaeus  (NED)
Kill your idols / fisticuffs
Kill your idols / nerve agents
Kylesa / Victims  blue vinyl
Lash out / contention (stormstrike)  
Locust, the / Arab on radar   shaped ep / yellow vinyl
Mastodon / ZZ top  yellow vinyl
Merel / Iconoclast (old glory)
Mighty mighty bosstones / Kiss  green vinyl  (Mercury)
Monster x / Human greed
Monte penumbra / Half visible presence 
Napalm death / Converge  yellow vinyl
Napalm death / insect warfare  split pic disc (earache)
Nasum / Abstain 
Nekrofilth / motorwolf  (doomentia)
Never healed / Violent minds  (colored vinyl) (spiderghost)  
Noothgrush / agants of satan (100 years of solitude)
Obscure infinity / Deathronation
Pentacle / eternal solstice 2x7� (dark descent)
Point of few / betercore
Profanal / Obscure infinity 
Satanic warmaster / A-blood 
Sceptres, the / facal vega
Seein red / stack (Equality)  first press 
seein red / opstand (Stonehenge / praxis) 
See you in hell / systematic death 
Sex drive / wounds 
Shining / Den saakaldte   (temple of darkness)
Sidetracked / hummingbird of death  6�
Sparkmarker / mystery machine (colored vinyl)(landspeed)  
Spazz / Brutal truth  (bovine)
Spazz / Toast (hg fact)
Spazz / Black army jacket (dogprint)  
Spazz / Hirax (Pessimisser / theologian) 
Spazz / Opstand (colatition) 
Spazz / opstand  (lim edition) (coalition)
Spectres / Arctic flowers
To hell and back / the shemps (gloom) 
Tomsk 7 / Boris  (bovine)
Touche amore / Make do and mend (clear/smoke)
Trapped under ice / Dirty money (A389)
Trapped under ice / Dirty money (D&G) red vinyl
Truck van rental / dead husbands
Turning point / no escape (temperance)
Ubique deamon / Zyrtax
Unbroken / groundwork  (Bloodlink)
Unbroken / abhinanda  (trust no one)
Undertow / Resolution  (overkill)
Unearthly trance / Volition (wolfsbane)
Unearthly trance / Volition (wolfsbane) clear vinyl
Unearthly trance / Volition (wolfsbane) testpress
Unearthly trance / Minsk (parasitic)
Unearthly trance / wooden hand (chrome peeler)
Urfaust / Joyless   (van)
Urfaust / celestial bloodshed
Urfaust / king dude  (Van)
Urgehal / sarkom  split pic disc
Volume 11 / Gasp (Witching hour)
Vomit for breakfast / Emma hq murder)
Vorum / Vasaeleth
Weston / sticks and stones

Comp 7�

3-12-93 � not for the lack of trying, manumission tec (Ebullition)
A Bomb Vol 1 - dub war, scorn, johnny violent  (earache)
Adult crash � book plus comp 7� blue vinyl
Anger and english � 2x7� MITB, scapegrace,campaign, factory (Framework)
Bleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh - a music war  73 band �quot; 84 songs (slap a ham)
Cry now cry later  #3 2x 7� - soilent green, cavity�  (pessimisser / theologian)
Die human race (flexi) - hiatus, fleas & lice, luzifers mob, state of fear, civil disobedience, assrash
Earache nextgen "98 tour 5 x7"  boxset - janus stark, pulkas, misery loves comp., dub war, ultraviolence
East meets west - sick of it all, killing time, carry nation, chorus� (nemesis)
Forever � Turning point, Burn, Rorschach, Citizens arrest, born against  (Irate)
Fuck christianity  -  Disembodied , CR, ..
Generation of hope - pushed aside, against the wall, chain of strength, confront, brotherhood  (which way)
Glory days - union town, tenement kids, brat pack, the real danger
Growing stronger - floorpunch , Atari, 97a �  (in our blood / teamwork) first press red cover
Growing stronger - floorpunch , Atari, 97a �  (in our blood / teamwork) blue cover
Icemen cometh, the - pushed aside, hard stance, no for an answer, slapshot   Nemesis
Inside front 7�  goodlife 
In the spirit of total resistance (MITB, Los crudos etc  (profane existence)
Left back let down  2x 7� spazz, despise you, crom, stapled shut  (pessimisser / theologian)
Light the fuse - 2006  (true colors, abusive action, new morality) (light the fuse)
Metal gives us a headache - subvert, dissent, desecration, dead silence, cringer, sticky  blue vinyl
Murders among us � absolution, life's blood, Born against, Nausea  (combined effort)
Nothing new � Kitchener , bob tilton , dead wrong  (armed with anger)
Only the strong - life cycle, face value, insight, confront, meanstreak, integrity     red cover � booklet � green vinyl
Realization -  feeding the fire, struggle, framework�  (subjugation)
Rebuiling � GB, Turning point, Burn, No escape  (Temperance)
Regress no way - nations on fire, blindfold, spirit of youth (warehouse)
Sweet vision - mental, RJ, jaguarz  yellow vinyl (lockin out)
Systematic destruction - malefaction, i spy, propagandhi, silence equals 
Together � Warzone, GB, bold, YOT, SOIA, side by side, supertouch (revelation)
Tomorrow will be worse � boxset � colored vinyl � Charles bronson, Spazz, Cap cas.
What still holds true - chokehold, line drive , burst of silence  (holdstrong)
What we share � mainstrike, atari, thumbs down, reaching forward (reflections) blue vinyl + zine
Words to live by � Turning point, mouthpiece, undertow (new age) old press
Words to live by � Turning point, mouthpiece, undertow repress(new age)
Words to live by � Turning point, mouthpiece, undertow repress red vinyl  (new age)
World hardcore Vol II � true blue, arm's reach, dischord  (moo cow)


Black widows � stops a beating heart (reflections)
Bones � demo 10� splatter vinyl
Bones � awaiting rebirth 10� white vinyl
Boycot / Distress  split 10�
Cultes des ghoules � the rise of lucifer 10�
Cruciamentum � convocation of crawling chaos 10�
Drudkh - anti urban #ed / 999 - colored vinyl) (Supernal)
Extortion � loose nuts 
Fucking bastards / Tumour split 10�
Manic street preachers � revol 10�
Manliftingbanner - 10 inches that shook the world (crucial response)
Necrocurse � hard death 
Order from chaos - plateau of invincibility  (red vinyl)
Pentacle � archaic undead fury 
Satanic warmaster � behexen  split 10�
Systral � fever   clear vinyl  (Per koro)
Under the church � same first press 
Unearthly trance / Suma split 10� white vinyl

Abused � load and clear (radio raheem)
Abusive action - same (white vinyl) )(crucial response)
Abusive action - same (release show cover #ed/150) (crucial response)
Abusive action � same    lim silk screened cover  (crucial response)
Accused � the return of martha splatterhead (Cor / earache)
Aeternus � shadows of old  (hammerheart)
Agent orange � demo lp 
Agent orange � demo lp  orange vinyl
Agents of abhorrence � relief 
Agnostic front � victim in pain  ( combat)
Agnostic front � cause for alarm ( rough justice)
Agnostoc front � liberty and justice for...
Alpha omega � life swallower (reality records) grey vinyl
American nightmare � background music  (equal vision) 
Anasazi � nasty witch rock 
Anciients � heart of oak 2LP  brown vinyl
Angelcorpse - of Lucifer and lightning  
Antimob � same 
Ashborer � demo 12�
Assuck � misery index
Atheist � piece of time (active) 
Atomkraft � conductors of noize
At the gates � gardens of grief  (dolores)
Autopsy � severed survival  (original cover) Peaceville
Autopsy � the tomb within  (peaceville)
Autopsy � macabre eternal  2x lp  blue vinyl 
Battles ruins � same  first press
Battles ruins � same second press red vinyl
Betrayed � substance white vinyl 
Black mask � same (Reflections)
Black sabbath � master of reality (nems)
Blast � the power of expression  (wishingwell / roadrunner)
Bloody phoenix � war, hate and misery (625)
Bold � the search  2x lp   first press 
Borknagar � same (displeased)
Boston strangler � primitive  
Boston strangler � fire 
Brotherhood � words run ..   (crucial response) 2nd press
Brotherhood � words run  white vinyl + poster  
Burst � lazarus bird  2x lp
Burzum � belus
Cadaveric fumes / demonic oath � split 
Carcass � necrotisism  bootleg cleer vinyl
Carcass - heartwork (earache)  red vinyl  
Career suicide - same (ugly pop) 
Career suicide - tour lp (first 7�on 12�  - 200 made) (deranged)
Carnage � dark recollections  (Necrosis)
Carry on � it�s all our blood  (React)
Cattle decapitation � human jerkey   
Celtic frost - to mega therion (noise) 
Chain of strength � the one thing that still holds true  (revelation)
Chain of strength � the one thing that still holds true  (revelation)  grey vinyl
Cheap tragedies � vol 1  (mad at the world)
Cheap tragedies � vol 1  (mad at the world) clear vinyl
Chorus � truth gives wings to strength  (nemesis)
Clandestine blaze - church of atrocity 
Clandestine blaze � falling monuments 
Claws � absorbed in the nethervoid  /400  (doomentia)
Craft � void (carnal)  clear vinyl 
Crazy spirit � demo 12�  (quality control) pre order 
Cro mags � age of quarrel  (gwr / rock hotel)
Cursed � II   (boot) 
Dark throne - soulside journey (peaceville)
Dark throne - a blaze in the northern sky (2002 repress) (peaceville)
Dark throne � undera funeral moon  2002 repress)  (Peaceville)
Dark throne � transilvanian hunger  2002 repress (Peaceville)
Dead boys � young loud and snotty  (Sire)
Deadstop � done with you (complete control)
Death angel � the ultra violence 
Deathrow � riders of doom
Deathspell omega - kenose (anja)
Deathspell omega � manifestations 2002
Deathspell omega � diabolus absconditus
Death token � all dreams are nightmares
Denial � catacombs of thye grotesque
Despise you - Westside horizons #ed/500 (forest moon)
Despise you � Westside horizons  #ed / 500 (clear vinyl) (fuck yoga recs)
Destroyer 666 � to the devil his due LP (hellls headbangers) colored vinyl
Dio � sacred heart
Driven � cowardice consumer of the west (goodlife)
Dropdead � a tradition  (Coalition)
Drudkh - autumn aurora pic disc in sleeve) (Eisenwald)
Drudkh � the swan road  (northern heritage)
Drudkh - the swan road pic disc in sleeve) (Eisenwald)
Drudkh � blood in our wells pic disc in sleeve (Eisenwald)
Drudkh - enstrangements  (northern heritage)
Drudkh � microcosmos  (Seasosn of mist)
Entombed - left hand path  (earache) 
Entombed - left hand path  (earache)  orange vinyl
Eucharist mirrorworlds  (wolfsbane records)
Eucharist mirrorworlds  (wolfsbane records) Clear vinyl + bonus ep
Excel � split image 
Exhorder - slaughter in the Vatican  
Extortion � sick 
Extortion � sick  (purple vinyl)
Faith or fear � punishment area (under one flag)
Farside � rigged  RSD 2012
First step, the - what we know (grey vinyl)
Fleet foxes � helplessness blues RSD 2011  12�  
Flex, The 
Floorpunch � fast times  ( equeal vision)  green vinyl 
Fucked up � generation  
Funeral mist - devilry  (Noevdia) 
Funeral mist � maranatha (noevdia)
FU's � kil for christ / my america  (Reflex)
Get it done � demo 12�  clear vinyl  (bloody sunday)
Get the most � together  (react)
Ghost � opus eponymous   (rise above)  green swirl vinyl 
Glory bells � century rendezvous (SOS)
Grave miasma � exalted emanation  (sepulchral voice)
Half off - the truth (first pres) (new beginning)  
Half off - the truth (second press) (new beginning) 
Heratys � same
Herder � same 12�
Heresi - psalm II  (EAL)
Hype - burned (original 1987 press) (fringe) 
Immortal � diabolical fullmoon mysticism   repress
Immortal � pure holocaust    repress
Incubus � beyond the unknown
Indian summer - discography 
Infernal majesty - none shall defy (roadrunner)
In my eyes � nothing to hide ( revelation)  blue vinyl 
In solitude � same  (HRR)  Purple vinyl + patch
Invasion - same 
Invidious � in death  
Iron maiden � iron maiden
Iron maiden � killers  (fame) 
Iron maiden � powerslave
Iron maiden � live after death 
Isis - oceanic  (robotic empire)  
Judas priest � best of
Judas priest � turbo 
Judas priest � defenders of the faith
Judge - what it meant 2x lp (colored vinyl) (revelation)  
Justice � 7� + demo  Green vinyl  (lockin out)
Justice � elephant skin  (complete control)
Justice � escapades  (reflections / Powered)  blue vinyl
Katatonia � dance of december souls   blue vinyl  (Svart)
Katharsis � kruzifixxion  (NED)
Katharsis - Vvorld VVithout end  (NED)  first press
Katharsis � fourth reich  (NED)
Kill the man that questions � sugar industry (Coalition)
King diamond � them (roadrunner)
Kiss � love gun
Klage � die weihe des eises   (eternity)
Kylesa � static tensions
Locust � remixes(GSL)  still sealed
Look back and laugh - second lp (lengue armada) 
Madmen � demo�s   (bootleg)
Mainstrike - quest for the answers colored (crucial response)
Mainstrike - no passing phase colored (crucial response)
Manliftingbanner � the revolution continues  red vinyl 
Massive assault � dystopian prophecies  red vinyl
Master�s hammer � 4 lp  (nuc;ear war now)
Mastodon - remission  still sealed (relapse)
Mastodon - blood mountain colored still sealed) (relapse)
Mastodon � crack the skye lp
Mastodon � crack the skye  2 x lp
Meatlocker � same   
Megadeth � peace sells 
Megadeth � so far so good
MGLA � with hearts towards none  (northern heritage)
Mindset � leave no doubt (react)
Morbid angel - altars of madness repress blue vinyl (earache)
Morbid angel � blessed are the sick  (earache)  orignal
Mouthpiece - what was said (new age)
Mouthpiece � can�t kill what�s inside (white vinyl) 
Mouthpiece � can�t kill what�s inside (green vinyl)
Mutiilation - majestus leprosus (Ordealis)
Mutiilation - rattenkoning  pic disc in sleeve with booklet (End all life)
Napalmd death � scum � old pressing with gold cover (Earache)
Napalm death - scum (earache)  green vinyl 
Napalm death - from enslavement �  (earache)
Napalm death � from enslavement  (earache)  Clear vinyl 
Naplam death � harmony corruption  (earache)  splatter vinyl old press
Necros Christos � trivne impvrity rites  2xlp
Necros christos � doom of the occult  2xlp
New bomb turks � the night before.. (green vinyl)
Nihil - krach lp  (monumentum)
97a � society's running on empty ( teamwork) orange vinyl) 
No denial - soundtrack of decline (crucial response)  
No denial - soundtrack of decline colored vinyl) (crucial response) 
No for an answer � a thought crusade  (Hawker)
No remorze � condemned to death 12� 
Normahl � ein volk steht hinter uns  (mulleimer)
Nyktalgia � peisithanatos  (blut und eisen)
Obstruct � loss of blood (CTW)
Ofermod - mysterion tes anomies  (NED) 
OFF � same  White vinyl (Vice)
Omega's � blast of lunace  (hardware)
On � double vision  pre order #ed /150  red vinyl  (powered) 
Ondskapt - dodens evangelium (NED)
Opeth � blackwater park (Koch/Music for nations)
Ophthalamia � journey in darkness  (soulseller)
Overcast � fight ambition to kill   (Edison)
Paradise lost � lost paradise  (peaceville)
Peste noir � lorraine rehearsals  (northern heritage)
Pine barrens � kingmaker 
Possessed � seven churches  roadrunner
Possessed � eyes of horror  under one flag
Raven � wiped out
Repugnant � epitome of darkness   (soulseller)
Reversal of man � this is medicine
Rhythm to the madness - weltschmerz  pre order ed. #ed / 160  colored vinyl
Right idea � our world (react)
Risk � hellls animals   testpress 
Royal headache � same lp
Sabbat � dreamweaver (noise)
Satanic warmaster - careilian Satanist madness  
Satanic warmaster	- nachzehrer
Saxon � power and the glory
Seed of pain � power, corruption and lies   green vinyl (let it ride) 
Sempiternal deathreign � the spooky gloom  (foundation 2000)
Sensefield � killed for less LP yellow RSD 2012
Sepultura � schizophrenia  (shark)
Sepultura � under siege
7 seconds - the crew (red lettering) 
Sex vid � communal living    first press
Shakuhachi surprise � space streakings...    pic disc with cover (Skin graft)
Shining IV - the eerie cold 
Shining - through years of oppression  (unexplored)
Shitty limits � here are the limits  (sorry state)
Slaughter - strappado (diabolic force)
Slavery � immortal dismalness  (Cogumelo)
Slaves � the devil's pleasures (Troubleman)
Slayer � show no mercy 
Slayer � show no mercy (splatter vinyl)
Slayer � haunting the chapel (roadrunner)
Slayer � hell awaits   
Slayer � live undead  black cover
Slayer live undead  white vinyl  #ed / 500
Slayer live undead  blue vinyl  #ed / 500
Slayer live undead  red vinyl  #ed / 500
Slayer � devine intervention  red vinyl
Smiths, the � same
Smiths, the � the queen is dead
Sodom � obsessed by cruelty ( steamhammer)
Sonne adam � transformation (imperium)
Sonne adam � transformation (imperium)  gold vinyl
Spitboy � same (ebullition)
SSD � get it away  (xclaim)  original
SSS � short sharp shock  (thrashgig)  clear vinyl
Starkweather � into the wire  (edison)
Statue � filter the infection (revelation)
Stop and think - both demos (straight ahead ripp off 300 made)
Straight jacket nation � cheap kicks  (short fuse)
Taake - doedskvad  pic disc in sleeve 300 made) (perverted taste)
Tankard � zombie attack
Token entry � from beneath the streets  (positive force)  vinyl is wavey!
Touche amore � to the beat of a dead horse   green vinyl
Toxic � world circus 
Toxic � think this
Trapped under ice � secrets of the world  (reaper)
Twitching tongues � sleep therapy  clear vinyl
Unbroken � ritual   (new age)
Underdog � the vanishing point  (Caroline)
Undergang � indhentet af doden (me saco un ojo) green vinyl 
Undertow � at both ends  (excursion) blue vinyl
Uniform choice - screaming for chance (wishingwell)
Uniform choice - screaming for chance (wishingwell)  green vinyl
Uniform choice � staring into the sun  (Giant)
Union town - same pre order edition, stamped #ed/80 colored vinyl) (powered)
Unity - blood days  (powerhouse)
Unleashed � where no life dwells  original
Urfaust � geist ist teufel (repress)
Urfaust � drei ritual jenseits des kosmos
Urfaust � der einsiedler  white vinyl (Van)
Urfaust � der einsiedler   die hard version � clear vinyl (Van)
Urgehal - goatcraft torment (agonia)
Vektor � Black future (heavy artillery)  Still sealed
Vengeance � take it or leave it
Vengeance � we have ways to make you rock 
Venom � welcome to hell (neat)
Vermeth - suicide or be killed (draggar)
Violent minds � same  (deranged)
Vital remains - icons of evil 2x lp etched 4th side(restrain)  
Vogue � dickfaced lp clear vinyl
Watain - sworn to the dark 2x lp  (NED)
Watain � lawless darkness  2x lp  (NED)  
Whiplash � power and pain
Whiplash � ticket to mayhem
Whirlpool � same  green vinyl  (revelation)
Wolves in the throneroom - 2 hunters 
Wolves in the throneroom � malevolent grain  green vinyl
Youth of today � can't close my eyes ( schism / Caroline)
Youth of today � we�re not in this alone  (funhouse)
Youth of today � we�re not in this alone (revelation)
Zegota � same  (reflections)

Split lp�s

Bloodpact / varsity
Deathspell omega / SVEST  (EAL / NED) 
Hooded menace / Ilsa 
Hooded menace / Horse latitudes  first press
Lucifers mob / Golgatha
Time in malta / Breathe in  (reflections) blue vinyl

Comp lp�s

Anti racist comp:  Feeding the fire, manliftingbanner, spawn, nations on fire
Black on black  black flag tribute (American (nightmare) nothing, converge, DEP, hope conspiracy- grey vinyl
Four corners - highscore, point of few, life�s halt..etc
Give me back - ebullition records  (manliftingbanner, seein red, downcast ect)
Hardcore for the masses -  Nihilist (!), totalitar, filthy Christians, G-anx
In our blood � (conviction, overcast, converge, soulstice, starkweather.  Blue vinyl 
Look at all the children now - moondog (!), go!, SFA, Rorschach, citizens arrest, etc..
NYHC � the way it is, old pressing with booklet  (Revelation)
Raging death � xecutioner , Sadus, r.a.v.a.g.e 
Share common ground - manliftingbanner,onward, betray  etc
Young till I die � union morbide, NV boys, Lego 5 , Das breetels

SHIRTS:  for trade or sale ! 
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Chokehold - red logo on front , statement on the back - conquer the world Resized to a Small / Medium
Mouthpiece - what was said Hooded sweatshirt
Stop and think - final show shirt  Medium 
Panic -  reunion show Longsleeve Medium

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Abhorrence � 7�
Abused � s/t
Amorphis � privilege of evil  (relapse)
Anathema � we are the bible 
Angelcorpse / Martire split 7�
Antidote - thou shallt not kill
At the gates � gardens of grief 7�
Bulldoze - remember who�s strong ep  (hardway)
Chain of strength - true till death  clear vinyl
Chain of strength � chain crew 7�
Chain of strength - what holds us apart (mindpower) blue cover
Chorus of ruin / Sororicide
Chorus of ruin � ocean of sins  (avantgarde)
Coalesce � in a safe place  colored vinyl
Crossed out - same  (slap a ham)
Dark angel - merciless death pic disc
Destroyer 666 � king of kings 7� blue vinyl
Destroyer 666 � of wolves women and war 7�  Clear vinyl
Entombed � stranger aeons 7�
Fucked up - David Christmas ep
Goat molestor � realm of evoked doom
Gorilla biscuits � green vinyl
Katharsis / Moonblood  split 7�
Keep it clear � same 7�clear vinyl
Macabre - shitlist  (gore)
Minor threat - 7�
Minor threat - in my eyes 7�
Morbid angel � blessed are the sick 7�box
My dying bride � god is alone
Mysticum / Ulver  split 7�
Mythic � mourning in the winter solstice (relapse)
Neanderthal - fighting music  (slap a ham)
Necros christos / Teitanblood split 7�
On � vital times  tour press green vinyl
On � vital times  record release version
Powerhouse � same  (new age recs) grey vinyl
Quicksand � orange vinyl
Rain on the parade � full speed ahead (green vinyl)
Rain on the parade � full speed ahead  (white vinyl)
Sadistic intent � impending doom
Sadistic intent - resurrection
Sadistic intent � ancient back earth
Sadistic intent � morbid faith
Shining - submit to self destruct
Shitty limits � yesterday's heroes 
Slayer � cross 7�
Slayer � seasons in the abyss 7�
State of alert - no policy 7�
Strife � mandell can suck it
True blue - the ice  tour 7�
Urban waste - s/t ep
Words to live by clear vinyl � first press


Acme � to reduce the choir lp clear vinyl (Edison)
Amorphis � the karelian isthmus
Amorphis � tales from a thousand lakes
Anathema � crestfallen
Anathema � serenades
Angelwitch - same
Atheist � elements  (not the picture disc!)
At the gates � slaughter of the soul (repress yellow vinyl)
At the gates � slaughter of the soul (repress orange vinyl)
Aura noir � black thrash attack (malicious)
Bad religion - how could hell be any worse  (epitaph)
Bad religion - suffer  (epitaph)
Believe in church and agonize � comp lp (witchhunt records)
Benediction � transcend the rubicon
BGK - Jonestown aloha (vogelspin)
Boegies - wij zijn zwijn
Boegies - zwijnen bij candelight
Bolt thrower � realm of chaos  splatter vinyl
Bolt thrower � cenotaph 12�
Bolt thrower � spearhead 12�
Bolt thrower � for victory
Borknagar � borknagar  (malicious recs)
Carcass - reek of putrefaction (repress blue vinyl)
Carcass � reek of putrefaction (repress clear vinyl)
Carcass - symphonies of sickness (red vinyl)
Carcass � the peel sessions
Carcass � necrotism  (with 4 postcards)
Carcass � heartwork  (repress white vinyl)
Carcass � the heartwork ep
Carcass � tools of the trade
Carcass � wake up and smell the carcass
Cathedral � forest of equilbrium
Celtic frost - morbid tales
Celtic frost - tragic serenades
Cemetary � an evil shade of grey lp
Cleance the bacteria � comp lp
Confessor � condemned 
Confessor � same ep
Craft - terror propaganda
Crematory � denial (MBR)
Crushing the holy trinity comp lp
Darkthrone - total death lp
Darkthrone - goatlord lp
Darkthrone � hate them lp
Day of suffering � the eternal jihad lp
Death � the sound of perseverance original
Deathspell omega - infernal battles
Deathspell omega - inquisitors of satan
Deathspell omega / Mutiilation split lp
Deathspell omega / Clandestine blaze split lp
Destroyer 666 - six songs with the devil  (damnation)
Destroyer 666 - Violence is the prince of this world
Destroyer 666 - Unchain the wolves  white vinyl 
Destroyer 666 - terror abraxis
Dio � holy diver 
Discharge - why?
Dissection � the somberlain
Dissection � storm of the lights bane lp (nuclear blast)
Drudkh - forgotten legends (northern heritage)
Entombed � left hand path (repress white vinyl)
Fucked up - looking for gold
Funeral mist - salvation (ned)
FU�s - kill for Christ (xclaim)
Gathering, the - always (hammerheart)
Gorguts � erosion of sanity
Gorilla biscuits - start today (purple and red) lp
Grave - you�ll never see (century media)
Integrity � systems overload 
Jerry�s kids - is this my world (x claim)
Judge - brining it down (green vinyl)
Katatonia � jhva elohim meth�
Katatonia � dance of December souls
Katharsis � 666
Loudblast / Agressor  split lp Licensed to thrash
Loudblast � disincarnate lp
Macabre - sinister slaughter (nuclear blast)
Massacre � inhuman conditions 12�
Master�s hammer - ritual (osmose edition)
Master�s hammer - the filemnice occultist 
Merciless - the awakening (deathlike silence)
Merciless � the awakening (osmose)
Merciless - treasures within 
Mercyless (Fr) � abject offerings
Morbid angel � altars of madness  (repress red vinyl)
Morbid angel - covenant (earache) first press
Morbid angel - heretic pic disc (earache)
Napalm death � scum (orange cover)
Napalm death � scum (blue cover)
Napalm death � scum  (repress red vinyl)
Napalm death � from enslavement..   (repress orange vinyl)
Napalm death � harmony corruption (with extra live lp)
napalm death � mass appeal madness  12�
napalm death � death by manipulation
Napalm death � utopia banished
Necros christos / Loss split lp
Necros christos / Goat molestor  split lp
Neurosis - souls at zero
Nocturnus - thresholds lp
Order from chaos � stillbirth machine
Order from chaos � stillbirth machine  NWN diehard edition
Pennywise - s/t  (epitaph)
Sade - lovers rock lp
Sadistic intent � resurrection of the ancient black earth
Sadistic intent � ancient black earth
Samael � worship him (osmose)
Samael � blood ritual (original)
Sarcofago - i.n.r.i  original
Satyricon - the shadowthrone
Satyricon - nemesis devina 
Seance � fornever laid to rest
Seance � saltrubbed eyes
Sensefield � killed for less colored vinyl
Sensefield � building � colored vinyl
Sepultura � bestial devastation
Shining - within deep dark chambers (original)
Sindrome - into the halls of extermination pic disc (bootleg)
Sindrome - vault of inner conscience  pic disc (bootleg)
SSD - the kids will have their say (xclaim)
Straight ahead - 12� (irisk)
Suicide file � twilight LP
Terrorizer � world downfall  (repress red vinyl)
Terrorizer � world downfall  (let me know what color cover you have!)
Therion � time shall tell
Tiamat � Sumerian cry
Turning point - it�s always darkest..  (new age) clear vinyl 
Vader � the ultimate incantation 
Welcome to venice � comp 
Winter - into darkness 
Zyklon B - blood must be shed ep(malicious)

There's plenty of more stuff that I want, colored vinyl, release show editions, testpresses  etc..  if you want something from my tradelist, just contact me and maybe we can work something out.