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Jeffrey -jigs- Kroesen

Name: Jeffrey Kroesen
Email: jigs@home.nl

I live in the Netherlands!

Good traders:
kylec123 (Kyle Cherry
Robert Forbes
Bert Cannaerts (Teenagelust)
Philippe Arama (Posiforce)
Jasper De Deyne (bonzoxxx)
beecki (stijn Beeckmans)
Ben Gosling (osakaben)x 3
Jon Svensson
Sam Knight
David Waraksa (Brooklyndodger)
Stefan Wild (evopop)
Uros sprah (Slinch)
Chris Brizzolara (Brizz)
Patrick Kruisdijk x 10
Jan Lenders
Mel Hughes
Joshua Speer.
Marcos Picchio
Francisco Aranda

Bad trader:
None yet... let's keep it that way! 

These are my doubles or just records I want to get rid off:


Above all – same (sure hand)
Absolution – same (lush life)
Abusive action – same Abusive action stamp  (Not just words)
Abusive action – demo with zine (crucial response)
Abusive action – demo   testpress
Acme – same  (Machination)
Acme – same   clear vinyl  (Machination)
Afflicted – same (relapse)
Agoraphobic nosebleed – same  (clean plate)
Ajax – bleach for breakfast 7” (Even worse)
All out war - hymns of the apocalypse (original)
All out war – hymns of the apocalypse red vinyl (triple machine)
All out war – hymns of the apocalypse green vinyl (triple machine)
Alpha omega – same 2nd press black vinyl 100 made
American nightmare – euro tour ep 2001  purple vinyl ( Bridge nine)
American standard – salvation  clear vinyl (Blackout!)
Amorphis – vulgar necrolatry  (relapse)
Amsterdamned – same   (gummopunx)
Amsterdamned – same  (gummopunx) white vinyl
Amulet – life on the edge of chaos (bridge)  blue vinyl
Anathema – same (witchhunt)
Ancients – same (war on music)
Angelcorpse – wolflust (sons of vengeance)
Another reason – take control tour press
Another reason – take control clear vinyl
Another wall – same  (doghouse)
Answer, the – same (excursion) gold vinyl 
Arctic monkeys – don't sit down  RSD 2011
Ares kingdom – chaosmongers alive  (agonia)
Atrocious madness – spectres of holocaust (wicked witch)
Automatic – same (capsule)  red vinyl
Automaton – same (hater of god ) lim edition clear vinyl
Autumn – wire hangers grey vinyl #ed/150 (nevermore)
AWOL – another way of life (Reaper)
Baby harp seal – same (subjugation)
Backdraft – the stream (crucial response)
Backdraft – the stream (crucial response) white vinyl
Backlash - once ago (Conquer the world / Chapter)
Bad brains – pay to cum  RSD 2011 
Bad seed – same (6131)  (blue vinyl)
Bad seed – same (6131)  (green vinyl)
Bad seed – world view (control)
balance – never quit (shortfude) australian tour edition
Baptism – same  (northern heritage)
Baroness – a horse called golgotha  (relapse)
Beach house – lazuli  purple vinyl
Beware – won't get the best of me (back to back)
Beware – won't get the best of me  pre order #/150 red vinyl  (control)
BGK – white male dumbinance  bootleg
Billingsgate – reach out (victory ) white vinyl
Birds of a feather - - GB rip off #ed/20
Birth ritual – kumagaya demo (tadpole)
black army jacket – the path of two swords
black out – same (indecision)
Blank stare -  white hell (colored vinyl ) (third party)
Blank stare – same  (refuse)
Blindside – same  red vinyl (powered)RESERVED
Blindspot – all this hate (conversion)
Blindspot – the beginning 2x7” (springtime)
Blood I bleed – same (Fast and furious)
Bloodlet - husk (Structure)
Bloodlet - same (smorgasbord) red vinyl
Bloodlet - same (stability)
Bloodlet – embrace 1993 (A389)
Bluuurgh – suffer within  2x7”
Bombs of hades – into the infernal pit of fire  (detest)
Bombs of hades – recoil in horror (de nihil)
Bone awl – night is indifferent  #ed / 400   (klaxon) 
Born against – same  (vermiform)
Bracewar – same (brain grenade)
Brain implosion - sandgrains (putrefaction records)
Breakdown – 87 demo   Yellow vinyl ( Blackout)
Broken cross – secret destruction (Apocalyptic vision)
Broken cross – anti human life  (holy terror) colored
Break it up – demo 7”  white vinyl
Brutality – same (nuclear blast)  clear vinyl 
Burn – same    yellow vinyl  RSD 2011  (revelation)
Burned up bled dry – cloned slaves..  (slap a ham)
Career suicide – cherry beach (dirtnap)
Carol – prefabricated (per koro)
Carry nation - face the nation clear vinyl (workshed)
Carry on – same   ( Teamwork)
Catavomb – the retirn of the ark (soa)
Cattle decapitation – decapitacion (prono de accidente) green vinyl
Cattle press - same (devastating soundworks)
Celtic frost – the collectors   red vinyl
Chain of strength – true till death  green vinyl  (revelation)
Chain of strength – true till death  (revelation)
Chain of strength -  what holds us apart (mindpower)
Chain of strength -  what holds us apart  clear vinyl (first strike)
Champions, the – once and future kings (moo cow)
Chorus - godfather (nemesis)
Chronical diarrhoea – royal diarrhoea – green vinyl promo ep (anto schelski)
Circle storm – spirit  (ambassador)  Gold vinyl
Citizens arrest - a light in the darkness (wardance) 
Claws – the funeral barge (doomentia)  blue vinyl / 100
Collapse – same (HLH)
Collateral damage – same (indecision) €2
Colt turkey – christmas sucks (crucial response)
Colt turkey – christmas sucks  lim cover (crucial response)
Conviction - same (watermark)  blue vinyl
Cornered – fuck off  pre order  white label #ed/ 50 (the limit)
Corpsessed – same (Dark descent)
Crazy spirit – same  (toxic state)
Crazy spirit – i'm dead 
Creem – same (Static shock)
Criminally insane - oh my satan (parts unknown)
Cult ritual – same (drugged conscious)
Culture – same pre-cover (shadow records) blue vinyl #ed/100
Deadguy – work ethic  (engine)
Death breath - same (black lodge) 
Death evocation – same (quality control)
Death evocation – same (quality control) blue vinyl
Deadwait – same (life sentence)
Deceased – gut wrench (Relapse)
Despise you - same (pessimisser / theologian) 
Despise you – one sided 7”(IFMH)  
Devil's blood, the – The graveyard shuffle  (Van) 
Devil's blood, The – fire burning (Van)
Devoid of faith – slow motion enslavement lim ed #25 queensday release 1997
Die – same (sonic terror)
Die – vexed (sonic terror)
Dirty black summer – same (slasher)  red vinyl 
Disma – the manifestation  clear vinyl #/444 (necroharmonic)
Downpresser – age of ignorance (BBB) red vinyl Sound and fury press 
DS 13 – aborted teen generation  grey marbled
DS 13 – for the kids, not the business
DS 13 – thrash and burn 6”  grey marbled
Earth crisis – all out war (conviction)
Empathy – same (Element)
Encounter – lost  (Redemption)
Endeavor – of equality (happy days)
Entrapment – crawling morbidity white vinyl (detest)
Entombed – but life goes on (leftover ep from southern lord)
Eternal champion – same  (Hell massacre)
Eucharist – same  (obscure plasma)
Evil spirit – sempiternal punishment  (iron bonehead) #ed/300
evolved to obliteration – same  grey vinyl  (clean plate)
Extortion – control orange vinyl (deep six)
Extortion – control green vinyl (deep six)
Extortion – terminal cancer   (shortfuse / WBW)
Eyeball – talking straight  lim edition #ed/80 white vinyl  (crucial response)
Fade – same  pre order blue vinyl #ed/100  (Control)
Falling forward – let this day pass  (Noble)  colored vinyl
Falling forward – acoustic 7”  (Initial)
Far from breaking - the indentity (blue vinyl) (youngblood) 
Fast times – where were you  (Smorgasbord)
Feeding the fire - no submission (red wax records)
Flex, the – don't bother with the outside world (lockin out)
Flex, the – don't bother with the outside world (lockin out) red vinyl
Fight, the - demo  (stief from Justice one man project) (anger management)
Floorpunch – division one champs  red vinyl  #ed/200
Floorpunch – division one champs  blue vinyl
Floorpunch - new jersey crew tour 7” #ed / 300)
Foundation – hang my head  (six ft under)
Four walls falling – punish the machine (understand records)
Free spirit – free yourself  (lockin out)  red vinyl 
Fucked up – black army  (burning sensation)  white labels
Fucked up – black cross  (burning sensation)  white labels
Fucked up - year of the pig (regular version) (matador)
Fucked up – year of the pig (Uk version) (Matador)
Fucked up – year of the pig  (Japan version) (matador)
Fucked up – crooked head (matador)
Fucked up – no epiphany  (matador)
Fucked up – daytrotter  (matador)
Fucked up – david's plan 
Full speed ahead – born and bred (Teamwork) 
Funeral dirge – the black breath (selbstmord service)
Garrison – the bend before the break (revelation) green vinyl
Get up kids – same (Huey proudhon)
Go! - your power means nothing at all (king fish)   
Go! - why suffer (forefront)  
Goatwhore – don't need religion flexi (Decibel)
Gold – medicine man (Van)  blue vinyl
Golden void – same (valley king) #ed/500
Gone but not forgotten – seattle crew blue vinyl  (React)
Gone but not forgotten – seattle crew white vinyl  (React)
Good clean fun – who shares wins (Phyte) grey vinyl
Gorilla biscuits – same (revelation) purple lettering, yellow vinyl
Gorilla biscuits – same (revelation) red lettering old press
Gorilla biscuits – a new direction  (Flex records)  
Gorilla biscuits – live at the safari club #ed
Gorilla biscuits – demo's 86  #ed/1000
Grade – same (wheatfiel press)
Green rage – same  first press(Reflection)
Grip – friction, burn fatal  - gold/orange vinyl  (new age)
Growing concern – what we say (SOA) clear vinyl
Growing concern – never fades away (SOA)
Guiding line – showdown (Commitement)
Guiding line – second ep limited pre cover (third party) orange vinyl
Guilt – empty white vinyl  (Initial)
Guns up outlive - 7”  (colored vinyl - #ed / 500) (1917 records)
Half off - shoot guns (red vinyl) (new beginning)
Hands tied - same … euro tour version PX rip off #ed / 300 colored vinyl)
Health hazard – not just a nightmare 
Heist - same (spiral objective) 
His hero is gone – same  (Coalition)
Herder – herder = harder (Wolfsbane)  testpress #ed/14
Herder – herder = harder (Wolfsbane)  purple vinyl + patch
Herder – herder = harder (Wolfsbane) record release show #ed/40
Herder – herder = harder (Wolfsbane)
Hewhocurrupts – same (Gilead) gold vinyl
Holeshot – same (Glue)
Holeshot – pacemaker (Reservoir)
Hoax – same  (Deranged)
Hoax – same (Painkiller)
Ice – l'chaim  (Ringside)
Icepick – quicksand  (blue vinyl)  (not just words)
Impel – same (redwood limited) #ed/400
In cold blood - same   
Indecision – same (RPP)
Infest – mankind draw blank : press 1500
In/humanity - your future lies…  (tour edition #ed/200) (coalition) 
Ink and dagger – drive this seven inch..  (Initial)
Ink and dagger – sensation (Initial)
Ink and dagger – love is dead  tour 7” #ed/300  white vinyl 
In my eyes – demo 7”  euro tour edition #ed/400  clear vinyl
Innumerable forms – dark worship   green vinyl 
Inside front fanzine # 12 with Umlaut 6 “  
Inside out – no spiritual surrender white vinyl
Inside out – no spiritual surrender red vinyl
Inside out – no spiritual surrender clear vinyl
In solitude – lavender  (Svart)
In solitude – serpents are rising (Svart) pink vinyl
In solitude – serpents are rising (Svart)
Insult – the scumbag dude sessions
Insult - scumbag dude sessions  lim edition #ed
Insurance risk – OC hardcore lim tour press 200
Integrity – septic death ep  (bloodbook) #ed/900
Integrity – walpurgisnacht  grey vinyl  (A389)
Intent to injure - keep us strong (colored vinyl) (Overkill #1 ) 
Iron age - butchers bill   (lockin out)
Iron age - EU 7” 
Iron age - the way is narrow (clear vinyl) (dead and gone)
Iron age - the way is narrow  lim cover  #ed/65 
Iron boots - demo (brain grenade)
Iron boots - easy green (brain grenade)
Ironside – fragments  (Subjugation)
Ironside – damn your blooded eyes  (Stormstrike)
Isolation – same  pre order #ed/70 
Jesuit – same  (reservoir)
Jesuit – same  2nd ep (Hydrahead)
Judge – new york crew  (schism)
Judge – new york crew   (revelation) orange cover / blue vinyl
Judge - there will be quiet.. (revelation) gold vinyl
Junction – mouth as a gun  red vinyl (Art monk construction)
Justice - look alive (complete control)
Justice - look alive (second press green swirl) (complete control)
Justice - up and down  (powered)
Keep it clear – same   (legimate bros)
Keep it clear – same  (not just words)   green vinyl
Keep it clear – same   (not just words)  orange vinyl
Kill holiday – monitor dependency (New age)
Knife fight - same (stamped)(My war)  
Knife fight - burning bridges (My war)  
Know your enemy - same (white vinyl) (crucial response)
Know your enemy - same (yellow vnyl) (crucial response)
Know your enemy - same lim silk screened cover (Crucial response)
Koro – 700 club  (sorry state)
Kriegshφg – hardcore hell  (heartfirst)
Kylesa – no ending (Prank) colored vinyl)
Kylesa – same  (colored vinyl) (hyperrealist) 
Life’s blood - defiance  (Combined effort) 
Lifeforce – same  (Red silience)
Lifetime – same  (New age)
Lights out – get out   (youngblood) yellow vinyl
Lincoln – same  (watermark) 
Lincoln – same  (watermark) green vinyl
Lincoln – same (art monk construction)
Lockweld - son of man (dwid / integrity) (tee pee)  
Loxiran - same (per koro)
Macabre – nightsstalker (relapse)grey pruple vinyl
Madmen – same (slasher)
Madness – baggy trousers
Magic circle – scream evil (Hell's massacre)
Major damage – same
Malicious disfigurement – same  #ed/300  (Tadpole)
Manliftingbanner – myth of freedom
Massacre – provoced accurser  (earache)
Mastodon - capillarian crest  (relapse)
Mayday – lost in sabbath  (Endless fight)
Mean season – bleed to me (new age)  clear vinyl
Mental - bum rush ep (colored vinyl) (six ft under)
Metroshifter – number one for a second (doghouse) orange vinyl
Metroshifter – the truth is always the right answer   clear vinyl
Midnight souls – colder  (reflections)
Midnight souls – colder  (reflections)  white vinyl
Mind eraser – the prodigal son brings death  (youngblood)
Misery index – hang em high   (lim edition #ed / 200)
Mizery – survive the vibe  pink vinyl  (Lion's share)
Monastry – the process   (skin drill)  grey vinyl  
Monstermagnet – flexi - decibel
Morbid angel – nevermore 
Morbid life society – herbspiration (625)
Morning again – to die a bitter death 
Mortician - mortal massacre (relapse)
Mortuary drape – black flames of blasphemy (iron tyrant) purple vinyl   
Mouthpiece – same  (new age)  first press 
Mouthpiece – same  (new age)  first press purple vinyl
Mouthpiece – face tomorrow  summer tour  clear vinyl
Mouthpiece – reuinion show lim edition  #ed/50
Multiplex - quest for the clearness (visceral) 
Murder squad – same (Wolfsbane)  testpress #ed/21
Murder squad – same (Wolfsbane)  red vinyl + patch
Murder squad – same (Wolfsbane)
Mutilated – resurrected  (TOD)
Nails – obscene humanity  (Southern lord)
Names for graves – vs 2.1 (refuse) red vinyl
Napalm death – the curse  (Earache)
Neckbrace – same (no cruelty)
Necrocurse – insane curse of morbidity (aftermath)
Necrovation – gloria mortus 
Nekrofilth – street bitch  purple vinyl  (Doomentia)
No for an answer - you laugh (second press) (revelation)
No for an answer – you laugh  (third press) (revelation)
No goods, the - I wanna change  (high school refuse)
No reason – xxx  (Immigrant sun)
No reply – same  (mankind)  blue vinyl
North – perfect body perfect soul (Commitment)
Nothing done – same  (not just words)
No tolerance – no remorse no tolerance
Oath, the – us tour ep  larm cover
Oathbreaker – same  (30 days of night) clear / black splatter
Obliteration – goat skull crown (indie)
Obstruct – no life (northern wisdom)
On – control  (legimate bros)
On a solid rock – same (Commitment)
One day closer – demo ep  red vinyl  (coalition)
One 4 one – I won't lose (rpp)
One king down - gravity wins again (colored vinyl) (equal vision)
One step beyond – same (pateline)
Onion – same  (crisis)
Onward – same (crucial response) first press
One X more – same (commitment)
One X more – they say that you sold out (commitment)
Open season – 1989-1991 (SOA) yellow vinyl
Outburst - miles to go (Blackout) 
Outspoken – survival  
Outspoken – survival    brown marbled vinyl 
Outspoken – the current  clear vinyl  (new age) original press
Outstand – same  #ed/500
Overcast - stirring the killer (inner rage) 
Overcast - begging for indifference (colored vinyl #ed / 666) (Edison)  
Pagan babies – immaculate conception  (positive force)
Paindriver – the truth (sound pollution)
Pain runs deep – same (the essence) #ed/70
Panic – dying for it  (bridge 9)  ble / yellow vinyl
Panic – same (bridge 9)  clear vinyl
Pan.thy.monium – dream II  (obscure plasma)
Panzerbastard – same (fighting boys)
Peacebreakers – every day battles (RNR disgrace)
People’s court, the – same   (skene)
Phallacy – against it  (Struggle)
Phlebotomized – in search of tranquillity  red vinyl (MMI)
Pick your side – same (demonomania)
Pink flamingo's – same (farewell)
Pittbull – same (initial)
Plan of attack – same (the silent architect)  red /white vinyl
Point blank - same (nemesis)  
Point blank – we won't be silenced  (nemesis)
Point of few – same  (first ep )
Point of few - same (profound ripp off #ed)
Point of view – same (faded image)
Poison planet – oblivious  (third party)  pink vinyl
Porkeria – same
Proclamation – straight edge hardcore  (bridge nine)
Profound – integirty  (crucial response)
Profound – integirty  (crucial response) lim cover
Project X – same  old bootleg on Champion records
Project X – straight edge revenge (bridge nine)  pre order #ed/500 white vinyl + schism book
PX  (product x) – who makes the heroes (commitment) 
Punch in the face - same (lengua armada) 
Pure disgust – chained (Quality control)  clear vinyl
Purpose – what's it worth  (Special forces)
Pushed too far – lost time  (Teamwork)  blue vinyl 
Pushed too far – lost time  (Teamwork)lim edition #ed/100 
Quick fix – 6 track ep (adult crash)
Quicksand – same  (revelation) rsd 2011 blue vinyl
Quicksand – same  (revelation) green vinyl
Quicksand – same  (revelation) red vinyl
Rain on the parade – full speed ahead (red vinyl) 
Rain on the parade - full speed ahead (yellow vinyl ) (my war)
Rain on the parade – fired up  (youngblood) red vinyl
Rancor – flip the switch (Youngblood) green logo – green vinyl
Rancor – flip the switch (Youngblood) red logo – green vinyl
Rancor – flip the switch (Youngblood) black and white cover
Rancor – never hold back (Youngblood) clear vinyl
Raw nerve – midnight  (youth attack)
Reaching forward – pride is everlasting – record release show #ed/98 yellow vinyl
Reaching forward – final ep – final show press green vinyl – white labels #ed/100
Reason to believe – the next door (nemesis)
Reason to believe – the next door (nemesis) blue vinyl
Rearranged – same (React!)
Rectify – how we feel (Crucial response) (white vinyl)
Rectify – by your side (crucial response)  red vinyl
Regulations – same  (putrid filth)
Reign supreme – american violence (deathwish) red/black splatter
Reinforce – one life thug free  (sporty spice edition #ed/30)
Rejuvenate – same  (free spirit)
Relapse – if this is right (conversion)
Release – the pain inside  (axtion packed)
Repugnant – premature burial  pic disc (soulseller) 
Revolution X - same
Rhythm to the madness - soul doubt  pre order #ed- colored) Powered
Riff raff - lowlifer (colored vinyl) (eating rats)  
Right idea – demo  (refuse)  white vinyl pre order #ed/77
Rise above – same  (punk etc)
Rise and fall – same   (deathwish)  pink vinyl 
Roky Erickson and the aliens – RSD 2013
Rotting christ - ?  (osmose)
Rotting out – vandalized (6131)
Ruidosa inmundicia – huellas de odio (heartfirst)
Satanic threat – in to hell   (gloom)
Satanic warmaster – ondskapens makt   (northern heritage)
Satanic warmaster – winter's hunger (northern heritage)
Satanic warmaster – in eternal fire (northern heritage)
Sauna youth – youth 
S.B.V – same  (Parts unknown)
S.B.V. - swallow the pil  pre order #ed/50 red vinyl (Refuse)
Scab – sixth and new york (Carburetor)
Scalplock – inculcate the fear (retribution)
Sceptres, the – same   (dire)
Scrotum grinder – same  (Burrito)
Second coming – same (Chapter)
Seein red – more of the same  (wicked witch)
Seein red – trefwoord punk   (kaal / left wing) (pre coalition records)
Sentenced – the glow of 1000 suns (Planet metal)
Set straight - the dreams alive (blue vinyl) (looking back records) #ed/100
Sepultura – rots bloody roots  red vinyl  (Roadrunner)
Setherial – treason (goathorned) #ed/500
Seven inch boots – tamped concrete  (snoop)
Sex drive – same (snackboy)
Sex vid - tanja  (dom America)
Sex vid - tanja  2nd press (dom America)
Shame – same  (Quality control)
Shark attack - same (my war)
Shark attack - feeding frenzy (my war)
Sheer mag – 1  (static shock)
Sheer mag – 2 (katorga works)
Shitty, limits – straight forward / messin with the kid  (la vida)
Shitty limits – last orders 
Shelter – in defense of reality   (equal vision)
Sick of it all – same (4th press)
Sick/Tired – same (cowabunga)
Sick/Tired – the lifetaker
Side by side - you’re only young once  first press (revelation)  
Side by side - you’re only young once  second press (revelation)  
Side by side - you’re only young once  3rd press (revelation)  
Skelletonwitch – flexi  (decibel)
Slaughter – nocturnal hell  (fringe)
Slipknot – same  (revelation)  red vinyl
Snapcase – steps
Soberesponse – different path  red vinyl (Cmmitment)
Sonne adam – the sun is dead gold vinyl (Imperium)
Soul control – playing coward (triple B)
Soul control – playing coward  repress white vinyl (triple B)
Soul control – flux (copper lung)
Soul control – fundamental forces  (orange vinyl) (DBD)
Soul control – fundamental forces  (DBD)
Soul control – like spiders TBD
Soul control – like spiders (colored vinyl) TBD
Sparkmarker – atomos 
Sparkmarker - scallen
Spawn – same  (emblem) green vinyl
Spectres – vision of a new world  white vinyl (whisper in darkness)
Spirit – same (resurrection ad)
Spirit assembly – fruit of hate (motherbox)
Spirit assembly – old joe the eternal  (Motherbox)
Spirit of youth – same  (Crucial response)
Spitboy – mi cuerpo es mio (allied)
Spitboy – rasana  (ebullition)
Splinter – scather  dark-red vinyl (Stormstrike)
Split lip – union town  without zine
Split lip – union town + anti matter fanzine
Sportswear – it runs deep  (orange vinyl)
Stampin' ground – dawn of night (days of fury)
Start today – the end  (NLB)
Statement – don't sacrifice me (Battery)
State of mind - bitter times, better times (light the fuse)
Statue – something to say (ambassador)  white vinyl
Stench – same   (soulseller)
Stench – same (2014) (agonia) blue vinyl + patch
Stench of decay – visions beyond death (detest)
Step forward – 10 song ep (painkiller)
Stick together - no more games  (pre order #ed + Colored)  (Control recs)
Stick together – survibing the times  (pre order #ed + Colored)  (Control recs)
STP – same  (boston's finest)
Strain – same (heartfirst)
Street trash - five dirty fingers (my war)
Strip the threads – won't hold back  (not just words)  Blue vinyl 
Strife – my fire burns on (first press)
Strife – my fire burns on (re press)
Strife – same (indecision)
Strife – grey   red vinyl
Striking distance – same first press white label #ed/500
Submission hold – garlic for victory (Hopscotch)
Sulphur aeon – deep down they sleep (imperium)
Sunspring – slinky (slamdek)
Supercrush – same (bedside)
Swallowing shit – love is the act.. (commode)
Swallowing shit – let my struggling spirit (spiral objective)
Sworn in – same  (reflections / bridge 9) clear / black vinyl
Systematic death – systema (armageddon label) 
Systral – maximum entertainment  (per koro)
Tear it up – same (Havoc) purple vinyl
Terdor – no peace for our time
Texas is the reason – same peach vinyl (Revelation)
Thenceforward – from within (phyte)
Thenceforward – winner (Phyte)
This world rejected – same  (initial)
Threadbare – same  (Watermark)
324 - same  (625)
324 – soulwinter  (hg fact)
Throwdown – same  first ep 
Thumbs down – going for gold clear vinyl 
Time has come – same red vinyl (CI)
Toe to toe – no gods  (Kangaroo)
Torche – harmonslaught (Amnesian)
Transcend – product of greed (doghouse)
Trapped under ice - demo 2007 (clear) (flatspot)
Tremors – island songs (the essence)
Tremors – island songs (the essence) red vinyl #ed/100
Tremors – island songs (six ft under)
Tremors – island songs (si ft under) green vinyl
Trial by jury – ignite (last stand)
Tribulation – the death and rebirth of  (century media)
Tribulation – waiting for the death blow  clear vinyl (Century media)
Tribute – torch songs  white vinyl (day after)
Triggerman – sinker (ringside)
Triple threat – a new chapter  white vinyl (livewire)
Triple threat – a new chapter  blue vinyl (livewire)
True blue – the ice  Icemen rip off cover
True colors - perspective (pre order #ed - colored) (powered) 
True colors – consider it done  (control) pre order #ed – colored
Turbonegro - same (hit me)  
Turmoil – evolution of lies  (cm)
25 ta life - same (striving for togetherness) 
Twitching tongues – preacher man clear vinyl  
Ultimate blowup – same (killed by death)
Ultimate warriors -  nazo wrestle violence  purple vinyl (double decker)
Umlaut - 6” comes with inside front zine!
Unbroken – and / fall on proverb  (31g)
Unbroken – circa 77   (new age)
Uncle acid – poison apple  black vinyl  (rise above)
Uncle acid – poison apple  mint green vinyl  (rise above)
Uncle acid – mind crawler  blue vinyl  (Rise above)
Undergang – Haevntorst  flexi 7”
Undertow – the exticntion of all that is holy (overkill)
Undertow – the edge of quarrel  red vinyl  (overkill)
Undertow – stalemate  (excursion)
Undertow – control (Overkill)
Undertow – control  (overkill)  grey vinyl)
Union town - demo 07  (pre order #ed colored) (powered)
Union town – same  (sabotage)
Unit pride – then and now (step forward)
Unity – blood days (it's alive)
Unruh - same
Upfront – daybreak  first press  (New age)
Urban waste – same  (way back when)
Urfaust – same  purple vinyl  (Van)
Urko – thrash it up  (inflammable material)
Utter bastards – same (625)
Vaccine – crimes in blood 5” 
Vampire – same yellow vinyl  first press
Vanity – yer fucking boring (Katorga)
Veil – time will tell…  (threesome)
Vile gash – same  white vinyl (youth attack)
Vile gash – same  (2nd ep?) (youth attack) clear vinyl
Violent minds – same  (my war)
Violent reaction – same (quality control)
Vision – undiscovered  (CI)
Vital remains – the black mass (thrash)
Vitamin x – straight edge crew  blue vinyl (Commitment)
Vitamin x – once upon a time – release show cover (Commitment)
VMW – same red vinyl  (youth attack)  
Vogue - same (vogue)
Vogue - no vogue (holy shit)
Void – condensed flesh (eye 95)
Walk proud – be yourself  first press 
Watain – reaping death   pic disc 
Watain – all that may bleed 7”
Watain – all that may bleed 7” red vinyl
Watain – all that may bleed 7” picture disc 
Weapon X – same  clear vinyl (out of step)
Wide awake – ct hardcore (schism) first press)
Worlds collide – same  (Victory)
X-men – we won't take part (Commitment)
Xoskeletons – asthmagasm  red vinyl (Malfunction)
You and I – first sevn inch  (track star)
Youth against fascism – libertad (alarma)
Youth of today – live at van hall  (commitment)  grey vinyl 
Youth of today – disengage (revelation)  RSD 2011  red vinyl
Youth of today – disengage (Revelation)
Yuckmouth – same  green vinyl (Conversion)
Zom – same first press  (Iron bonehead)

Split ep:

Absconded / beyond discription (wicked witch)
Absu / Rumpelstiltskin grinder (relapse)
Aftershock / Dive (SIH)
Agents of satan / No less red vinyl (bad people)
Alchemyst / Mosaic (iron bonehead)
Anatomi 71 / Bombstrike  (d-tact)yellow vinyl
Antediluvian / Temple nightside  clear (Nuclear winter)
Antimob / Burial  split (Hardware)
Benumb / dukes of hazard  lim edition (slap a ham)
Birds of a feather / in defence  clear yellow vinyl
Bloodpact / Reaching forward (reflections)  white vinyl
Bombs of hades / suffer the pain  (Doomentia)
Born from pain / Iron skull   (fat for life)  green vinyl
Brutal truth / Bongzilla  picture disc 
Burn the priest / Zed (goatboy)
Burn the priest / Agents of satan (deaf american)
Chain to thread / Bleed 
Chamberlain / Old pike 2x7”
Cold world / War hungry   black vinyl
Cold world / War hungry  red vinyl
Converge / dropdead   green vinyl
Dahmer (OH) / Schnauzer  (cololed vinyl) (metal enterprise)
DS13 / sic transiit gloria mundi 
Desaster / Sabbath (Iron pegasus)  
Desperate corruption / Enemy soil   (bovine)
Despise you / suppression  (slap a ham)
Disdain / Seasons change  lim. Edition (transit)  
Disma / Winterwofl  (doomentia)
Disma / Winterwofl  (doomentia) picture disc 
Enfold / june's tragic drive
Entombed / Evile split picture disc (Earache)
Entrapment / massive assault (wolfsbane)
Erazor / Protector  (evil spell)
Evolved to obliteration / No less
Extortion / Agents of abhorrence  split 7”  (clear vinyl)
Extortion / Rupture  split 5”
Extortion / Septic surge (RSR)
Extortion / completed exposition
Extortion / Jed whitey 
Falling forward / Metroshifter  acoustic (initial)
Feeding the fire / Spawn clear vinyl (crucial response)
Foreclosure / Set aside 
Framtid / seein red  (hate)
Fucked up / Haymaker  grey vinyl
Gehenna / california love
Gehenna / blind to faith
God's america / human junk
Graveyard / Nominon vlue vinyl #ed/500 (cyclone empire)
Grinding halt / diet pills
Hatespawn / Signum Diabolis 
Hatespawn / Dead congregation
Hatespawn / Charon  (sepulchral voice)  
Hellchild / Gomorrha  (per koro)
Hooded menace / Asphyx  (doomentia)
Inhume / Blood 
Into darkness / Ghoulgotha red vinyl  (unholy domain)
Katharsis / Antaeus  (NED)
Kill your idols / fisticuffs
Kill your idols / nerve agents
Kylesa / Victims  blue vinyl
Lash out / contention (stormstrike)  
Locust, the / Arab on radar   shaped ep / yellow vinyl
Mastodon / ZZ top  yellow vinyl
Merel / Iconoclast (old glory)
Mighty mighty bosstones / Kiss  green vinyl  (Mercury)
Monster x / Human greed
Monte penumbra / Half visible presence 
Napalm death / Converge  yellow vinyl
Napalm death / insect warfare  split pic disc (earache)
Nasum / Abstain 
Nekrofilth / motorwolf  (doomentia)
Never healed / Violent minds  (colored vinyl) (spiderghost)  
Noothgrush / agants of satan (100 years of solitude)
Obscure infinity / Deathronation
Pentacle / eternal solstice 2x7” (dark descent)
Point of few / betercore
Profanal / Obscure infinity 
Satanic warmaster / A-blood 
Sceptres, the / facal vega
Seein red / stack (Equality)  first press 
seein red / opstand (Stonehenge / praxis) 
See you in hell / systematic death 
Sex drive / wounds 
Shining / Den saakaldte   (temple of darkness)
Sidetracked / hummingbird of death  6”
Sparkmarker / mystery machine (colored vinyl)(landspeed)  
Spazz / Brutal truth  (bovine)
Spazz / Toast (hg fact)
Spazz / Black army jacket (dogprint)  
Spazz / Hirax (Pessimisser / theologian) 
Spazz / Opstand (colatition) 
Spazz / opstand  (lim edition) (coalition)
Spectres / Arctic flowers
To hell and back / the shemps (gloom) 
Tomsk 7 / Boris  (bovine)
Touche amore / Make do and mend (clear/smoke)
Trapped under ice / Dirty money (A389)
Trapped under ice / Dirty money (D&G) red vinyl
Truck van rental / dead husbands
Turning point / no escape (temperance)
Ubique deamon / Zyrtax
Unbroken / groundwork  (Bloodlink)
Unbroken / abhinanda  (trust no one)
Undertow / Resolution  (overkill)
Unearthly trance / Volition (wolfsbane)
Unearthly trance / Volition (wolfsbane) clear vinyl
Unearthly trance / Volition (wolfsbane) testpress
Unearthly trance / Minsk (parasitic)
Unearthly trance / wooden hand (chrome peeler)
Urfaust / Joyless   (van)
Urfaust / celestial bloodshed
Urfaust / king dude  (Van)
Urgehal / sarkom  split pic disc
Volume 11 / Gasp (Witching hour)
Vomit for breakfast / Emma hq murder)
Vorum / Vasaeleth
Weston / sticks and stones

Comp 7”

3-12-93 – not for the lack of trying, manumission tec (Ebullition)
A Bomb Vol 1 - dub war, scorn, johnny violent  (earache)
Adult crash – book plus comp 7” blue vinyl
Anger and english – 2x7” MITB, scapegrace,campaign, factory (Framework)
Bleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh - a music war  73 band …quot; 84 songs (slap a ham)
Cry now cry later  #3 2x 7” - soilent green, cavity…  (pessimisser / theologian)
Die human race (flexi) - hiatus, fleas & lice, luzifers mob, state of fear, civil disobedience, assrash
Earache nextgen "98 tour 5 x7"  boxset - janus stark, pulkas, misery loves comp., dub war, ultraviolence
East meets west - sick of it all, killing time, carry nation, chorus… (nemesis)
Forever – Turning point, Burn, Rorschach, Citizens arrest, born against  (Irate)
Fuck christianity  -  Disembodied , CR, ..
Generation of hope - pushed aside, against the wall, chain of strength, confront, brotherhood  (which way)
Glory days - union town, tenement kids, brat pack, the real danger
Growing stronger - floorpunch , Atari, 97a …  (in our blood / teamwork) first press red cover
Growing stronger - floorpunch , Atari, 97a …  (in our blood / teamwork) blue cover
Icemen cometh, the - pushed aside, hard stance, no for an answer, slapshot   Nemesis
Inside front 7”  goodlife 
In the spirit of total resistance (MITB, Los crudos etc  (profane existence)
Left back let down  2x 7” spazz, despise you, crom, stapled shut  (pessimisser / theologian)
Light the fuse - 2006  (true colors, abusive action, new morality) (light the fuse)
Metal gives us a headache - subvert, dissent, desecration, dead silence, cringer, sticky  blue vinyl
Murders among us – absolution, life's blood, Born against, Nausea  (combined effort)
Nothing new – Kitchener , bob tilton , dead wrong  (armed with anger)
Only the strong - life cycle, face value, insight, confront, meanstreak, integrity     red cover – booklet – green vinyl
Realization -  feeding the fire, struggle, framework…  (subjugation)
Rebuiling – GB, Turning point, Burn, No escape  (Temperance)
Regress no way - nations on fire, blindfold, spirit of youth (warehouse)
Sweet vision - mental, RJ, jaguarz  yellow vinyl (lockin out)
Systematic destruction - malefaction, i spy, propagandhi, silence equals 
Together – Warzone, GB, bold, YOT, SOIA, side by side, supertouch (revelation)
Tomorrow will be worse – boxset – colored vinyl – Charles bronson, Spazz, Cap cas.
What still holds true - chokehold, line drive , burst of silence  (holdstrong)
What we share – mainstrike, atari, thumbs down, reaching forward (reflections) blue vinyl + zine
Words to live by – Turning point, mouthpiece, undertow (new age) old press
Words to live by – Turning point, mouthpiece, undertow repress(new age)
Words to live by – Turning point, mouthpiece, undertow repress red vinyl  (new age)
World hardcore Vol II – true blue, arm's reach, dischord  (moo cow)


Black widows – stops a beating heart (reflections)
Bones – demo 10” splatter vinyl
Bones – awaiting rebirth 10” white vinyl
Boycot / Distress  split 10”
Cultes des ghoules – the rise of lucifer 10”
Cruciamentum – convocation of crawling chaos 10”
Drudkh - anti urban #ed / 999 - colored vinyl) (Supernal)
Extortion – loose nuts 
Fucking bastards / Tumour split 10”
Manic street preachers – revol 10”
Manliftingbanner - 10 inches that shook the world (crucial response)
Necrocurse – hard death 
Order from chaos - plateau of invincibility  (red vinyl)
Pentacle – archaic undead fury 
Satanic warmaster – behexen  split 10”
Systral – fever   clear vinyl  (Per koro)
Under the church – same first press 
Unearthly trance / Suma split 10” white vinyl

Abused – load and clear (radio raheem)
Abusive action - same (white vinyl) )(crucial response)
Abusive action - same (release show cover #ed/150) (crucial response)
Abusive action – same    lim silk screened cover  (crucial response)
Accused – the return of martha splatterhead (Cor / earache)
Aeternus – shadows of old  (hammerheart)
Agent orange – demo lp 
Agent orange – demo lp  orange vinyl
Agents of abhorrence – relief 
Agnostic front – victim in pain  ( combat)
Agnostic front – cause for alarm ( rough justice)
Agnostoc front – liberty and justice for...
Alpha omega – life swallower (reality records) grey vinyl
American nightmare – background music  (equal vision) 
Anasazi – nasty witch rock 
Anciients – heart of oak 2LP  brown vinyl
Angelcorpse - of Lucifer and lightning  
Antimob – same 
Ashborer – demo 12”
Assuck – misery index
Atheist – piece of time (active) 
Atomkraft – conductors of noize
At the gates – gardens of grief  (dolores)
Autopsy – severed survival  (original cover) Peaceville
Autopsy – the tomb within  (peaceville)
Autopsy – macabre eternal  2x lp  blue vinyl 
Battles ruins – same  first press
Battles ruins – same second press red vinyl
Betrayed – substance white vinyl 
Black mask – same (Reflections)
Black sabbath – master of reality (nems)
Blast – the power of expression  (wishingwell / roadrunner)
Bloody phoenix – war, hate and misery (625)
Bold – the search  2x lp   first press 
Borknagar – same (displeased)
Boston strangler – primitive  
Boston strangler – fire 
Brotherhood – words run ..   (crucial response) 2nd press
Brotherhood – words run  white vinyl + poster  
Burst – lazarus bird  2x lp
Burzum – belus
Cadaveric fumes / demonic oath – split 
Carcass – necrotisism  bootleg cleer vinyl
Carcass - heartwork (earache)  red vinyl  
Career suicide - same (ugly pop) 
Career suicide - tour lp (first 7”on 12”  - 200 made) (deranged)
Carnage – dark recollections  (Necrosis)
Carry on – it’s all our blood  (React)
Cattle decapitation – human jerkey   
Celtic frost - to mega therion (noise) 
Chain of strength – the one thing that still holds true  (revelation)
Chain of strength – the one thing that still holds true  (revelation)  grey vinyl
Cheap tragedies – vol 1  (mad at the world)
Cheap tragedies – vol 1  (mad at the world) clear vinyl
Chorus – truth gives wings to strength  (nemesis)
Clandestine blaze - church of atrocity 
Clandestine blaze – falling monuments 
Claws – absorbed in the nethervoid  /400  (doomentia)
Craft – void (carnal)  clear vinyl 
Crazy spirit – demo 12”  (quality control) pre order 
Cro mags – age of quarrel  (gwr / rock hotel)
Cursed – II   (boot) 
Dark throne - soulside journey (peaceville)
Dark throne - a blaze in the northern sky (2002 repress) (peaceville)
Dark throne – undera funeral moon  2002 repress)  (Peaceville)
Dark throne – transilvanian hunger  2002 repress (Peaceville)
Dead boys – young loud and snotty  (Sire)
Deadstop – done with you (complete control)
Death angel – the ultra violence 
Deathrow – riders of doom
Deathspell omega - kenose (anja)
Deathspell omega – manifestations 2002
Deathspell omega – diabolus absconditus
Death token – all dreams are nightmares
Denial – catacombs of thye grotesque
Despise you - Westside horizons #ed/500 (forest moon)
Despise you – Westside horizons  #ed / 500 (clear vinyl) (fuck yoga recs)
Destroyer 666 – to the devil his due LP (hellls headbangers) colored vinyl
Dio – sacred heart
Driven – cowardice consumer of the west (goodlife)
Dropdead – a tradition  (Coalition)
Drudkh - autumn aurora pic disc in sleeve) (Eisenwald)
Drudkh – the swan road  (northern heritage)
Drudkh - the swan road pic disc in sleeve) (Eisenwald)
Drudkh – blood in our wells pic disc in sleeve (Eisenwald)
Drudkh - enstrangements  (northern heritage)
Drudkh – microcosmos  (Seasosn of mist)
Entombed - left hand path  (earache) 
Entombed - left hand path  (earache)  orange vinyl
Eucharist mirrorworlds  (wolfsbane records)
Eucharist mirrorworlds  (wolfsbane records) Clear vinyl + bonus ep
Excel – split image 
Exhorder - slaughter in the Vatican  
Extortion – sick 
Extortion – sick  (purple vinyl)
Faith or fear – punishment area (under one flag)
Farside – rigged  RSD 2012
First step, the - what we know (grey vinyl)
Fleet foxes – helplessness blues RSD 2011  12”  
Flex, The 
Floorpunch – fast times  ( equeal vision)  green vinyl 
Fucked up – generation  
Funeral mist - devilry  (Noevdia) 
Funeral mist – maranatha (noevdia)
FU's – kil for christ / my america  (Reflex)
Get it done – demo 12”  clear vinyl  (bloody sunday)
Get the most – together  (react)
Ghost – opus eponymous   (rise above)  green swirl vinyl 
Glory bells – century rendezvous (SOS)
Grave miasma – exalted emanation  (sepulchral voice)
Half off - the truth (first pres) (new beginning)  
Half off - the truth (second press) (new beginning) 
Heratys – same
Herder – same 12”
Heresi - psalm II  (EAL)
Hype - burned (original 1987 press) (fringe) 
Immortal – diabolical fullmoon mysticism   repress
Immortal – pure holocaust    repress
Incubus – beyond the unknown
Indian summer - discography 
Infernal majesty - none shall defy (roadrunner)
In my eyes – nothing to hide ( revelation)  blue vinyl 
In solitude – same  (HRR)  Purple vinyl + patch
Invasion - same 
Invidious – in death  
Iron maiden – iron maiden
Iron maiden – killers  (fame) 
Iron maiden – powerslave
Iron maiden – live after death 
Isis - oceanic  (robotic empire)  
Judas priest – best of
Judas priest – turbo 
Judas priest – defenders of the faith
Judge - what it meant 2x lp (colored vinyl) (revelation)  
Justice – 7” + demo  Green vinyl  (lockin out)
Justice – elephant skin  (complete control)
Justice – escapades  (reflections / Powered)  blue vinyl
Katatonia – dance of december souls   blue vinyl  (Svart)
Katharsis – kruzifixxion  (NED)
Katharsis - Vvorld VVithout end  (NED)  first press
Katharsis – fourth reich  (NED)
Kill the man that questions – sugar industry (Coalition)
King diamond – them (roadrunner)
Kiss – love gun
Klage – die weihe des eises   (eternity)
Kylesa – static tensions
Locust – remixes(GSL)  still sealed
Look back and laugh - second lp (lengue armada) 
Madmen – demo’s   (bootleg)
Mainstrike - quest for the answers colored (crucial response)
Mainstrike - no passing phase colored (crucial response)
Manliftingbanner – the revolution continues  red vinyl 
Massive assault – dystopian prophecies  red vinyl
Master’s hammer – 4 lp  (nuc;ear war now)
Mastodon - remission  still sealed (relapse)
Mastodon - blood mountain colored still sealed) (relapse)
Mastodon – crack the skye lp
Mastodon – crack the skye  2 x lp
Meatlocker – same   
Megadeth – peace sells 
Megadeth – so far so good
MGLA – with hearts towards none  (northern heritage)
Mindset – leave no doubt (react)
Morbid angel - altars of madness repress blue vinyl (earache)
Morbid angel – blessed are the sick  (earache)  orignal
Mouthpiece - what was said (new age)
Mouthpiece – can’t kill what’s inside (white vinyl) 
Mouthpiece – can’t kill what’s inside (green vinyl)
Mutiilation - majestus leprosus (Ordealis)
Mutiilation - rattenkoning  pic disc in sleeve with booklet (End all life)
Napalmd death – scum – old pressing with gold cover (Earache)
Napalm death - scum (earache)  green vinyl 
Napalm death - from enslavement …  (earache)
Napalm death – from enslavement  (earache)  Clear vinyl 
Naplam death – harmony corruption  (earache)  splatter vinyl old press
Necros Christos – trivne impvrity rites  2xlp
Necros christos – doom of the occult  2xlp
New bomb turks – the night before.. (green vinyl)
Nihil - krach lp  (monumentum)
97a – society's running on empty ( teamwork) orange vinyl) 
No denial - soundtrack of decline (crucial response)  
No denial - soundtrack of decline colored vinyl) (crucial response) 
No for an answer – a thought crusade  (Hawker)
No remorze – condemned to death 12” 
Normahl – ein volk steht hinter uns  (mulleimer)
Nyktalgia – peisithanatos  (blut und eisen)
Obstruct – loss of blood (CTW)
Ofermod - mysterion tes anomies  (NED) 
OFF – same  White vinyl (Vice)
Omega's – blast of lunace  (hardware)
On – double vision  pre order #ed /150  red vinyl  (powered) 
Ondskapt - dodens evangelium (NED)
Opeth – blackwater park (Koch/Music for nations)
Ophthalamia – journey in darkness  (soulseller)
Overcast – fight ambition to kill   (Edison)
Paradise lost – lost paradise  (peaceville)
Peste noir – lorraine rehearsals  (northern heritage)
Pine barrens – kingmaker 
Possessed – seven churches  roadrunner
Possessed – eyes of horror  under one flag
Raven – wiped out
Repugnant – epitome of darkness   (soulseller)
Reversal of man – this is medicine
Rhythm to the madness - weltschmerz  pre order ed. #ed / 160  colored vinyl
Right idea – our world (react)
Risk – hellls animals   testpress 
Royal headache – same lp
Sabbat – dreamweaver (noise)
Satanic warmaster - careilian Satanist madness  
Satanic warmaster	- nachzehrer
Saxon – power and the glory
Seed of pain – power, corruption and lies   green vinyl (let it ride) 
Sempiternal deathreign – the spooky gloom  (foundation 2000)
Sensefield – killed for less LP yellow RSD 2012
Sepultura – schizophrenia  (shark)
Sepultura – under siege
7 seconds - the crew (red lettering) 
Sex vid – communal living    first press
Shakuhachi surprise – space streakings...    pic disc with cover (Skin graft)
Shining IV - the eerie cold 
Shining - through years of oppression  (unexplored)
Shitty limits – here are the limits  (sorry state)
Slaughter - strappado (diabolic force)
Slavery – immortal dismalness  (Cogumelo)
Slaves – the devil's pleasures (Troubleman)
Slayer – show no mercy 
Slayer – show no mercy (splatter vinyl)
Slayer – haunting the chapel (roadrunner)
Slayer – hell awaits   
Slayer – live undead  black cover
Slayer live undead  white vinyl  #ed / 500
Slayer live undead  blue vinyl  #ed / 500
Slayer live undead  red vinyl  #ed / 500
Slayer – devine intervention  red vinyl
Smiths, the – same
Smiths, the – the queen is dead
Sodom – obsessed by cruelty ( steamhammer)
Sonne adam – transformation (imperium)
Sonne adam – transformation (imperium)  gold vinyl
Spitboy – same (ebullition)
SSD – get it away  (xclaim)  original
SSS – short sharp shock  (thrashgig)  clear vinyl
Starkweather – into the wire  (edison)
Statue – filter the infection (revelation)
Stop and think - both demos (straight ahead ripp off 300 made)
Straight jacket nation – cheap kicks  (short fuse)
Taake - doedskvad  pic disc in sleeve 300 made) (perverted taste)
Tankard – zombie attack
Token entry – from beneath the streets  (positive force)  vinyl is wavey!
Touche amore – to the beat of a dead horse   green vinyl
Toxic – world circus 
Toxic – think this
Trapped under ice – secrets of the world  (reaper)
Twitching tongues – sleep therapy  clear vinyl
Unbroken – ritual   (new age)
Underdog – the vanishing point  (Caroline)
Undergang – indhentet af doden (me saco un ojo) green vinyl 
Undertow – at both ends  (excursion) blue vinyl
Uniform choice - screaming for chance (wishingwell)
Uniform choice - screaming for chance (wishingwell)  green vinyl
Uniform choice – staring into the sun  (Giant)
Union town - same pre order edition, stamped #ed/80 colored vinyl) (powered)
Unity - blood days  (powerhouse)
Unleashed – where no life dwells  original
Urfaust – geist ist teufel (repress)
Urfaust – drei ritual jenseits des kosmos
Urfaust – der einsiedler  white vinyl (Van)
Urfaust – der einsiedler   die hard version – clear vinyl (Van)
Urgehal - goatcraft torment (agonia)
Vektor – Black future (heavy artillery)  Still sealed
Vengeance – take it or leave it
Vengeance – we have ways to make you rock 
Venom – welcome to hell (neat)
Vermeth - suicide or be killed (draggar)
Violent minds – same  (deranged)
Vital remains - icons of evil 2x lp etched 4th side(restrain)  
Vogue – dickfaced lp clear vinyl
Watain - sworn to the dark 2x lp  (NED)
Watain – lawless darkness  2x lp  (NED)  
Whiplash – power and pain
Whiplash – ticket to mayhem
Whirlpool – same  green vinyl  (revelation)
Wolves in the throneroom - 2 hunters 
Wolves in the throneroom – malevolent grain  green vinyl
Youth of today – can't close my eyes ( schism / Caroline)
Youth of today – we’re not in this alone  (funhouse)
Youth of today – we’re not in this alone (revelation)
Zegota – same  (reflections)

Split lp’s

Bloodpact / varsity
Deathspell omega / SVEST  (EAL / NED) 
Hooded menace / Ilsa 
Hooded menace / Horse latitudes  first press
Lucifers mob / Golgatha
Time in malta / Breathe in  (reflections) blue vinyl

Comp lp’s

Anti racist comp:  Feeding the fire, manliftingbanner, spawn, nations on fire
Black on black  black flag tribute (American (nightmare) nothing, converge, DEP, hope conspiracy- grey vinyl
Four corners - highscore, point of few, life’s halt..etc
Give me back - ebullition records  (manliftingbanner, seein red, downcast ect)
Hardcore for the masses -  Nihilist (!), totalitar, filthy Christians, G-anx
In our blood – (conviction, overcast, converge, soulstice, starkweather.  Blue vinyl 
Look at all the children now - moondog (!), go!, SFA, Rorschach, citizens arrest, etc..
NYHC – the way it is, old pressing with booklet  (Revelation)
Raging death – xecutioner , Sadus, r.a.v.a.g.e 
Share common ground - manliftingbanner,onward, betray  etc
Young till I die – union morbide, NV boys, Lego 5 , Das breetels

SHIRTS:  for trade or sale ! 
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Chokehold - red logo on front , statement on the back - conquer the world Resized to a Small / Medium
Mouthpiece - what was said Hooded sweatshirt
Stop and think - final show shirt  Medium 
Panic -  reunion show Longsleeve Medium

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Abhorrence – 7”
Abused – s/t
Amorphis – privilege of evil  (relapse)
Anathema – we are the bible 
Angelcorpse / Martire split 7”
Antidote - thou shallt not kill
At the gates – gardens of grief 7”
Bulldoze - remember who’s strong ep  (hardway)
Chain of strength - true till death  clear vinyl
Chain of strength – chain crew 7”
Chain of strength - what holds us apart (mindpower) blue cover
Chorus of ruin / Sororicide
Chorus of ruin – ocean of sins  (avantgarde)
Coalesce – in a safe place  colored vinyl
Crossed out - same  (slap a ham)
Dark angel - merciless death pic disc
Destroyer 666 – king of kings 7” blue vinyl
Destroyer 666 – of wolves women and war 7”  Clear vinyl
Entombed – stranger aeons 7”
Fucked up - David Christmas ep
Goat molestor – realm of evoked doom
Gorilla biscuits – green vinyl
Katharsis / Moonblood  split 7”
Keep it clear – same 7”clear vinyl
Macabre - shitlist  (gore)
Minor threat - 7”
Minor threat - in my eyes 7”
Morbid angel – blessed are the sick 7”box
My dying bride – god is alone
Mysticum / Ulver  split 7”
Mythic – mourning in the winter solstice (relapse)
Neanderthal - fighting music  (slap a ham)
Necros christos / Teitanblood split 7”
On – vital times  tour press green vinyl
On – vital times  record release version
Powerhouse – same  (new age recs) grey vinyl
Quicksand – orange vinyl
Rain on the parade – full speed ahead (green vinyl)
Rain on the parade – full speed ahead  (white vinyl)
Sadistic intent – impending doom
Sadistic intent - resurrection
Sadistic intent – ancient back earth
Sadistic intent – morbid faith
Shining - submit to self destruct
Shitty limits – yesterday's heroes 
Slayer – cross 7”
Slayer – seasons in the abyss 7”
State of alert - no policy 7”
Strife – mandell can suck it
True blue - the ice  tour 7”
Urban waste - s/t ep
Words to live by clear vinyl – first press


Acme – to reduce the choir lp clear vinyl (Edison)
Amorphis – the karelian isthmus
Amorphis – tales from a thousand lakes
Anathema – crestfallen
Anathema – serenades
Angelwitch - same
Atheist – elements  (not the picture disc!)
At the gates – slaughter of the soul (repress yellow vinyl)
At the gates – slaughter of the soul (repress orange vinyl)
Aura noir – black thrash attack (malicious)
Bad religion - how could hell be any worse  (epitaph)
Bad religion - suffer  (epitaph)
Believe in church and agonize – comp lp (witchhunt records)
Benediction – transcend the rubicon
BGK - Jonestown aloha (vogelspin)
Boegies - wij zijn zwijn
Boegies - zwijnen bij candelight
Bolt thrower – realm of chaos  splatter vinyl
Bolt thrower – cenotaph 12”
Bolt thrower – spearhead 12”
Bolt thrower – for victory
Borknagar – borknagar  (malicious recs)
Carcass - reek of putrefaction (repress blue vinyl)
Carcass – reek of putrefaction (repress clear vinyl)
Carcass - symphonies of sickness (red vinyl)
Carcass – the peel sessions
Carcass – necrotism  (with 4 postcards)
Carcass – heartwork  (repress white vinyl)
Carcass – the heartwork ep
Carcass – tools of the trade
Carcass – wake up and smell the carcass
Cathedral – forest of equilbrium
Celtic frost - morbid tales
Celtic frost - tragic serenades
Cemetary – an evil shade of grey lp
Cleance the bacteria – comp lp
Confessor – condemned 
Confessor – same ep
Craft - terror propaganda
Crematory – denial (MBR)
Crushing the holy trinity comp lp
Darkthrone - total death lp
Darkthrone - goatlord lp
Darkthrone – hate them lp
Day of suffering – the eternal jihad lp
Death – the sound of perseverance original
Deathspell omega - infernal battles
Deathspell omega - inquisitors of satan
Deathspell omega / Mutiilation split lp
Deathspell omega / Clandestine blaze split lp
Destroyer 666 - six songs with the devil  (damnation)
Destroyer 666 - Violence is the prince of this world
Destroyer 666 - Unchain the wolves  white vinyl 
Destroyer 666 - terror abraxis
Dio – holy diver 
Discharge - why?
Dissection – the somberlain
Dissection – storm of the lights bane lp (nuclear blast)
Drudkh - forgotten legends (northern heritage)
Entombed – left hand path (repress white vinyl)
Fucked up - looking for gold
Funeral mist - salvation (ned)
FU’s - kill for Christ (xclaim)
Gathering, the - always (hammerheart)
Gorguts – erosion of sanity
Gorilla biscuits - start today (purple and red) lp
Grave - you’ll never see (century media)
Integrity – systems overload 
Jerry’s kids - is this my world (x claim)
Judge - brining it down (green vinyl)
Katatonia – jhva elohim meth…
Katatonia – dance of December souls
Katharsis – 666
Loudblast / Agressor  split lp Licensed to thrash
Loudblast – disincarnate lp
Macabre - sinister slaughter (nuclear blast)
Massacre – inhuman conditions 12”
Master’s hammer - ritual (osmose edition)
Master’s hammer - the filemnice occultist 
Merciless - the awakening (deathlike silence)
Merciless – the awakening (osmose)
Merciless - treasures within 
Mercyless (Fr) – abject offerings
Morbid angel – altars of madness  (repress red vinyl)
Morbid angel - covenant (earache) first press
Morbid angel - heretic pic disc (earache)
Napalm death – scum (orange cover)
Napalm death – scum (blue cover)
Napalm death – scum  (repress red vinyl)
Napalm death – from enslavement..   (repress orange vinyl)
Napalm death – harmony corruption (with extra live lp)
napalm death – mass appeal madness  12”
napalm death – death by manipulation
Napalm death – utopia banished
Necros christos / Loss split lp
Necros christos / Goat molestor  split lp
Neurosis - souls at zero
Nocturnus - thresholds lp
Order from chaos – stillbirth machine
Order from chaos – stillbirth machine  NWN diehard edition
Pennywise - s/t  (epitaph)
Sade - lovers rock lp
Sadistic intent – resurrection of the ancient black earth
Sadistic intent – ancient black earth
Samael – worship him (osmose)
Samael – blood ritual (original)
Sarcofago - i.n.r.i  original
Satyricon - the shadowthrone
Satyricon - nemesis devina 
Seance – fornever laid to rest
Seance – saltrubbed eyes
Sensefield – killed for less colored vinyl
Sensefield – building – colored vinyl
Sepultura – bestial devastation
Shining - within deep dark chambers (original)
Sindrome - into the halls of extermination pic disc (bootleg)
Sindrome - vault of inner conscience  pic disc (bootleg)
SSD - the kids will have their say (xclaim)
Straight ahead - 12” (irisk)
Suicide file – twilight LP
Terrorizer – world downfall  (repress red vinyl)
Terrorizer – world downfall  (let me know what color cover you have!)
Therion – time shall tell
Tiamat – Sumerian cry
Turning point - it’s always darkest..  (new age) clear vinyl 
Vader – the ultimate incantation 
Welcome to venice – comp 
Winter - into darkness 
Zyklon B - blood must be shed ep(malicious)

There's plenty of more stuff that I want, colored vinyl, release show editions, testpresses  etc..  if you want something from my tradelist, just contact me and maybe we can work something out.