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brett gallasch

email me at monsterslivehere@yahoo.com

good traders from hye,deadformat and b9 board- troy trujillo,colin bayer,john painterx2,adam bender(excellent guy to do business with),michael hack
,mark sandwell,Jennifer Mcclellan,aaron gianotti,Paolo Billia,carlos n. garcia,fernando sanchez,Bouizat Manu,Donald Rehak

burn it down-eat sleep mate defend, silver vinyl
edgewise-silent rage,lim ed, 1500 red vinyl
garf orlock-doombox, red
our war-if your not now
kills and thrills/our lives-split
kills and thrills/our lives-split, red
rage against the machine-people under the sun, white

25 ta life-strength thru unity, green vinyl
25 ta life-strength thru unity, pic disc
25 ta life-frienship,loyalty,commitment, blue
25 ta life-fallen angel, blue vinyl, sealed
59 times the pain-20% of my hand
247 spyz-gumbo millennium
108-18.61, green sealed
108-18.61, clear sealed
108-18.61, purple sealed
50 lions-where life expires, clear with blue and white splatter
50 lions-where life expires,green with black haze

at half mast-alive,alone and waiting, clear
at half mast-alive,alone and waiting, grey
at half mast-alive,alone and waiting, orange
at half mast-alive,alone and waiting, test press
another victim-apocalypse now, blue
amendment eighteen-all my heroes are dead, green vinyl
amendment eighteen-all my heroes are dead, red vinyl
amendment eighteen-all my heroes are dead, glow in the dark vinyl
amendment eighteen-all my heroes are dead, green vinyl silver cover
agnostic front-cause for alarm
agnostic front-live at cbgbs,slate vinyl(blue,black,white, swirl) outcast rec.
antidote-thou shalt not kill, bootleg
against all my fears-XXVII, purple
against all my fears-XXVII, maroon
angers curse-tighten the screws, clear
angers curse-tighten the screws, half yellow half blue
angers curse-tighten the screws, white
anchor-the singles collection
anchor-the singles collection, red
anchor-the singles collection, blue
anchor-the quiet dance, red
alcatraz-smile now cry later, silver

blood for blood-revenge on society, black red mix
blood for blood-revenge on society, grey marble
blood for blood-revenge on society, blue w/ black streaks
buried alive-death of your perfect world, clear vinyl
buried alive-death of your perfect world, puke color vinyl
breakdown-blacklisted, clear vinyl
by all means-blind side
billingsgate-no apologies, red
backlash-through different eyes, orange
birds of a feather-the past the present, brown 2nd press
blue monday-rewritten pic disc rivalry showcase
blistered-soul erosion, orange

converge-petitioning the empty sky/when forever comes crashing 2xlp black/white swirl
commin correct-one scene unity, tan vinyl
cold world-no omega, black
cold world-no omega, clear vinyl
cold world-no omega, yellow vinyl
crucial youth- posi machine,white vinyl
crucified-darkest reaches of the mind, purple
crucified-darkest reaches of the mind, grey
crucified-darkest reaches of the mind, half purple half grey
common cause-statement of purpose, test press
common cause-statement of purpose
common cause-statement of purpose, red
common cause-statement of purpose, blue
common cause-statement of purpose, gold
culture-from the vault, brown  guns cover
comeback kid-turn it around, blue rsd

dodgin bullets-earn your respect, greyish blue marble
dodgin bullets-earn your respect, red marble
dodgin bullets-earn your respect, gold
dodgin bullets-earn your respect, green
decay- destiny
death before dishonor-friends,family,forever, gold,black splatter
dys-s/t ,modern method records
dys-brotherhood, bootleg
down to nothing-life on the james,blue
deadguy-fixation on a coworker, clear smoke

ensign-direction of things to come, euro tour press, purple
ensign-direction of things to come, grey
earth crisis-destroy the machines, victory euro press
earth crisis-all out war/firestorm, green
earthmover-death carved in every word 
eyelid-if it kills, red vinyl
the effort-wartime citizens
the effort-wartime citizens, brown
the effort-wartime citizens, burgundy
earth crisis-breed the killers
earth crisis-gomorrahs season ends, yellow rsd

final exit-discog. 2 lps , white

gorilla biscuits-start today, embossed lettering
gorilla biscuits-cats and dogs, fanclub press rarities
get the most-together
get the most-together, clear
get the most-together, blue
get the most-together, record release, green
get the most-s/t
get the most-s/t, red
get the most-s/t, purple
get the most-s/t, orange
golden age-unlock yourself, white

haymaker-it only gets worst
h8 inc-life of pain, multi colored no two alike
haywire-private hell
haywire-private hell, red vinyl
hogans heroes-built to last, purple vinyl
hogans heroes- s/t ,yellow clear vinyl
hoods-the king is dead, clear with red splatter
how we are-to teach a hundred and one
h20-dont forget your roots
h20-dont forget your roots, purple
have heart-the things we carry, purple
have heart-songs to scream at the sun, pink
hang the bastard-hellfire riegn, half green half blue

internal affairs-s/t, black
internal affairs-s/t, yellow
iron age-constant struggle
ice age-dead kings, half red half white pre order cover
ice age-dead kings, half red half black pre order cover

judge-discography, sealed
judge-discography, colored
justice league-reach out

know the score-all or nothing, sealed
know the score-all or nothing, green t.i.h fest
know the score-all or nothing white w/ black streaks
kill your idols-12 inch ep
killing time-three steps back
kdc-the verocity of solitude, blue
king nine-scared to death

the locust-s/t,maroonish green swirl vinyl
the love below-every tongue shall caress

morning again-hand of hope
miles away-endless roads,  glow in the dark w/ black swirl
the mistake-fuck what you heard, purple white mix

no innocent victim-flesh and blood, white vinyl
no innocent victim-flesh and blood, green vinyl
no innocent victim-flesh and blood, test press
no innocent victim-to burn again, red vinyl
no innocent victim-to burn again, orange vinyl
no innocent victim-to burn again, clear
no innocent victim-to burn again, blue
no innocent victim-to burn again, test press
no turnning back-take control, orange
no turnning back-no regrets, green
no omega-metropolis, blue
nerve agents-days of the white owl, white rsd

over my dead body-sink or swim, green sealed
on-double vision, red cover
on-double vision, white  red cover
on-double vision, blue cover
on-double vision, clear  blue cover
on-double vision, grey   blue cover
on-double vision, white  blue cover
on-double vision, blue   blue cover

palehorse-amongst the flock, colored, sealed
protestant-judgments, red
police and thieves-amor y guerra
police and thieves-fracturing, white
powerwolves-you wont find peace, test press
powerwolves-you wont find peace
powerwolves-you wont find peace, grey
powerwolves-you wont find peace, red
palm-my darkest friends, red black and white

rnr- the infamous and notorious
rnr- the infamous and notorious, white
rnr- the infamous and notorious, end of rock and roll tour press
rot in hell-hallways of the always, white w/black haze
resolve-wont stand by, burgundy
resolve-wont stand by, green
resolve-wont stand by, red splatter trooper cover
resolve-wont stand by, green record release cover
remission-accept, clear
remission-accept, white
remission-accept, purple euro press
remission-accept, clear euro press
rotting out street prowl, blue w/ black smoke
rise against-the suffer and the witness
rise against-endgame
rival mob-mob justice, red

shutdown-few and far between, blue
shutdown-few and far between, white with a touch of black
ssd-how we rock, sealed
swamp thing-in shame, purple black splatter
sinking ships-disconnecting, green
side by side-your only young once
side by side-your only young once, red
steel nation-forever wounded, yellow black mix
such gold-pedestals, blue
such gold-pedestals, clear yellow with white and blue streaks
stay hungry-against the wall
stay hungry-against the wall, blue
stay hungry-against the wall, white
stay hungry-no beginning,no end
starkweather-this sheltering night, white
sacred love-dividing lines
sacred love-dividing lines, red
snapcase-end transmission, clear w/ 7"
strife-witness a rebirth, red
strife-witness a rebirth

terror-one with the underdogs, colored, sealed
terror-no regrets no shame, grey
terror-lowest of the low, blue
terror-live by the code, white
throwdown-you dont have to be blood to be family, red vinyl
true colors-focus on the light, sfu press
true colors-focus on the light, white tour press
true colors-rush of hope, yellow
true colors-rush of hope, red
true colors-rush of hope, blue pre order
this routine is hell-the verve crusade
touche amore-to beat a dead horse, white
take offence-under the same shadow, clear
take offence-united states of mind, grey

undertow-at both ends

voorhees-crystal lake legacy

the warriors-war is hell, white,blue and black, splatter
the warriors-war is hell, red,blue and black
the warriors-war is hell, blue and grey
wisdom in chains-s/t,clear orange splatter sealed
wartorn/pyroklast plit-the last line of resistence

all hype-response, green w/ black splatter x2
alert-demo '08
alert-demo '08, clear
alert-demo '08, up front rip cover, red
alert-demo '08, 2nd press
alert-find your way
alert-find your way, clear purple
alert-find your way, light purple
alert-find your way, rec release
apple kore-good things come to those enraged, greenish aqua vinyl
american standard/crucial youth, split, no cover
abneation/chapter- split
a.18-defining the color conviction, red
a.18-defining the color conviction,red vinyl,limited precover 61/100 
american nightmare-4 song demo,green vinyl
anything goes-the partys over,#4/51
amenity-this is our struggle, grey vinyl
albany style 1999 v/a comp, blue vinyl
the answer-7" collection
the answer-you had your chance, rejected test press
agress-s/t, purple
antidote-thou shalt not kill, green
antidote-thou shalt not kill, red
antidote-thou shalt not kill, white
armada-premonitions, pink pre order cover
armada-premonitions, purplish
agitator-walls closing in
agitator-walls closing in, clear

built to last-s/t, grey
built to last-test press
burning empires-s/t, white
battle royal-nichts geht mehr, #484/500
blacklisted/firstblood-split,orange vinyl
beneath the remains/punch the klown-split
bloodpact/reaching forward- split
bloodpact-as good as dead
bloodlet-husk,structure records
bloodlet-s/t, blood red vinyl, smorgasbord records
blackspot/triceratops- banana split, yellow vinyl
blackspot- check out the helmet
breaking point/wiretap-split, grey and white
breaking point/wiretap-split, yellow and green
break it up-s/t demo
betrayed-suffering, blue
betrayed-suffering, white
broken distance-hourglass, half black half orange
birds of a feather-chapter 5
black teeth-ghost town anthems, clear with brown splatter
black teeth-s/t, brown with white splatter
bad/nightwolf-split, grey marble
bane-6:58 boston, green
born low-refuse to beg, red

cheech/milos syndicate-split, brown vinyl
cheech/milos syndicate-split, purple swirl test press
committed-the pride we share, blue
cold world/war hungry, split, green and black
cold world-boom boom bye, black ,white ,grey
the carrier-no love can save me, grey
crule hand-s/t, purple
cause for alarm- victory release 
cast aside-overcome, grey/purple marble
cable/malcoms lost- idle
chain of strength tribute-to us it was so much more, clear 2x 7
crucified/steel nation-split, orange
critical point-demo 09
common cause-s/t
common cause-s/t, red
common cause-s/t, white
common cause-s/t, blue
contra todos mis miedos-colera
contra todos mis miedos-colera, orange
choke up-spent, blue mix, pre order cover
clearsight-demo 2008
clearsight-demo 2008, clear blue
clearsight-demo 2008, grey
carrying the fire-passed on
carrying the fire-passed on, orange
carrying the fire-passed on, gold
carrying the fire-passed on, white
carrying the fire-passed on, red

duckhunt/hammertime-split, green w/ grey splatter
dirty money- us tour
da sect-borough heavyweights
district 9-school of hardknox
das klown-sink or swim, blue
death before dishonor-our glory days, red
death before dishonor-our glory days, clear white
down in flames- start the fucking fire, gray vinyl #98/100
digression- no cover
damages-loves labor,
damages-loves labor, red
damages-loves labor, white
decades-shelter from the swarm
decades-shelter from the swarm, blue
decades-shelter from the swarm, white
demolition-world gone mad, blue
down to nothing-more greetings from...  red
destructive new age-s/t

ensign-fall from grace, green
ensign-for what its worth, grey
eyelid-bleeding through, grey
eyelid-days infected, red vinyl 
expire-grim rhythm, purple
election day-demo
enough-demo 2010, blue
enough-when you dont think you can
enough-when you dont think you can, clear white mix
enough-when you dont think you can, pink
end of days-places, purple marble

facedown/earthmover- split, letting go
feeding the fire/spawn- split
farside- keep my soul awake
four walls falling-s/t
454 big block-s/t, red vinyl, #414/454
fed up-read between the lines
fed up-s/t, purple
finding faith-far from home
finding faith-far from home, blue
finding faith-far from home, blue pre order cover
fight it out-depression
fight it out-depression, clear w/ black haze
fight it out-depression, test press
foundation-at your mercy, blue marble
foundation-at your mercy, blue havles
foundation-hang your head, orange with white blue splatter
foundation- one sided 7 songs from split w/ meantime, grey
face reality-s/t, blue
fucked up haymaker-split , green

gravemaker-demolition, blue
gravemaker-demolition, purple
gluttons-s/t, clear
get a grip-s/t, test press
get a grip-s/t, red
get a grip-s/t, blue green
get a grip-s/t, yellow green
good fellaz-demo
gaining ground-still trying, trash
gaining ground-still trying, white
gaining ground-still trying, emerald
get the most-common goals
get the most-moment in time
golden age-time and distance
golden age-time and distance, gold
golden age-time and distance, clear w/ gold splatter
give-flower head, gold
gorilla angreb lokum-split

holdstrong-pursuit in the face of misfortune, white vinyl
h2o-some day i suppose single, half red half green

in the face of war-summer demo, test press
intent-empty, blue vinyl, lim. ed. #313/500
insted-well make the difference, yellow vinyl, yellow lettering
insted-well make the difference, red vinyl, red lettering
iron rain-silent sins, green
inside-tokyo straight edge ep, red
inside-tokyo straight edge ep, blue
ivy league-s/t

jesse jaymz acoustic onslaught-one man army, blueish gray
jasta 14-s/t

knife fight-s/t, my war records
killing time-happy hour

lockweld-son of man, grey
low life-coward, existence records
lonewolf-hallucinogenic fate, grey
lifeless-if i could be anyone but me, corpse vinyl

masterpiece-cruel summer, rec release cover
masterpiece-cruel summer, test press
masterpiece-cruel summer, black
masterpiece-cruel summer, light redx2
masterpiece-cruel summer, solid light green
masterpiece-cruel summer, semi transparent dark green
masterpiece-cruel summer, bubblegum
masterpiece-cruel summer, light pink
masterpiece-cruel summer, euro tour, blue cover
masterpiece-cruel summer, euro tour, yellow cover
morning again-my statement of life in a dying world, green vinyl, w/ booklet
modern life is war-s/t, white vinyl
minus-hard fellings
minus-hard fellings, grey
minus-hard fellings, clear w/ black streaks
make do and mend/touche amore-split
make do and mend/touche amore-split, hazy clear w/ black
make do and mend/touche amore-split, clear w/ black
meltdown-s/t, clear
meltdown-demolition, purple with white splatter
meltdown-demolition, black with white haze
meltdown-demolition, green and white halves
meltdown-demolition, pink with green splatter
meltdown-demolition, green with black splatter

nowhere fast-hindsight, red
no innocent victim-crazy engler bros., blue
nothing to nothing-to better days, white
nothing to nothing-to better days, purple
new lows-s/t
no turning back-rise from the ashes
not sorry-moving on        salad days rec's
not sorry-moving on, blue  salad days rec's
not sorry-moving on, red
not sorry-moving on, clear
not sorry-our choices
not sorry-our choices, white
not sorry-our choices, yellow
not sorry-our choices, green
not afraid-be yourself e.p.

outspoken-the current
one king down/brothers keeper-when angels shed their wings, blue vinyl
over my dead body-no runners, blue vinyl
overcome-as the curtain falls, green vinyl
outlast-demo, clear
outlast-demo, 2nd press
outlast-take control
outlast-take control, white w/ black streaks
outlast-take control, green
outlast-s/t, red
overload-we live here and now, green
overload-we live here and now, blue
overload-we live here and now, brown/greyish mixed color
overload-we live here and now, diff cover green #ed
out crowd-just us, green
out crowd-just us, red

project x- b9 reissue, clear
project x- b9 reissue, light black with white and grey streaks
point blank-blacklisted, red
police and thieves-amor y guerra, blue youngblood showcase
police and thieves/remission-split
praise-growing changing healing, green
praise-growing changing healing, tan 2nd press
praise-growing changing healing, 2nd press
please die-on this cross, dark green
please die-on this cross, clear green
please die-on this cross, dark purple
pointing finger-reasons not rules, minor threat rip cover
pressure-your rage, yellow
pressure-your rage, blue
picked clean-s/t
picked clean-s/t, clear
propagandhi-where quality is job #1, 1 brown and 1 yellow
peace-s/t, red

rnr/fit for abuse- clear
rnr/fit for abuse- red
rnr/fit for abuse- white
ringworm-demo, rsd
ringworm/terror-split, white vinyl
regret-demo 2005, red
regret-demo 2005, green
regret-demo 2005, white
react records showcase boxed set
remission-winds of promise
remission-winds of promise, baby blue
remission-winds of promise, clear blue
rearranged-s/t, white
rearranged-s/t, blue
rude awakening-the awakening, orange

security threat/skack- split
sinking ships-ten, pink
strong intention-each day lived...
spitting teeth-dont believe the hype
sum of all fears-1995 sin of anger demo, east coast empire records
sacred love-s/t
sacred love-s/t, purple
shout aloud-s/t, blue
shout aloud-s/t, white
self defense family-im going through some shit, green
self defense family-im going through some shit, yellow
step aside-reaching out, blue pre order cover
step aside-reaching out, green
step aside-reaching out
snapcase-steps, white rsd
snapcase-steps, clear smoke

toe to toe-southpaw
trial-through the darkest days
true colors-consider it done
true colors-consider it done, olive w/ bonus 7
true colors-consider it done, clear w/ bonus 7
true colors-consider it done, white
troublesome-lose control, vanilla
troublesome-lose control, mint green
troublesome-lose control, pink rec release
troublesome-lose control, pittin for pits cover, vanilla
terror-life and death, white zt rip cover
touche amore/title fight-split, grey
touche amore/title fight-split, pink
turnstile-step to rhythm, purple
turnstile-pressure to succeed, orange

undertow-stalemate, red viinyl
underdog-s/t, reissue gold
underdog-s/t, reissue red
undo tomorrow/blood in blood out-split, rec release cover, grey
unbreakable-piece of mind

wisdom in chains-vigilante, grey
widowmaker-hard lovinstraight thuggin, blue pre order
war hungry-return to earth, summer tour
warcry-until darkness
wrong side-dump truck demo, green
while you wait-my end my rebirth
while you wait-my end my rebirth, blue
while you wait-my end my rebirth, light blue

xclamationx-s/t, blue

young republicans-s/t

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