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Boston Strangler "Jokes on you" Promo - band

AGE "Inside darkness" - Dewa
Agree To Differ/Change 2x7" - F.F.T.
C.F.D.L. "Atrocity exhibition" - Yappy Core/Standard Of Rebellion
Crass "How does it feel" - Crass
Crass "Nagasaki nightmare" - Crass
Crass "Rival tribal rebel revel" flexi - Crass
Death Token "Walking dead life" - Backwards Masking (test press 32/50 - silver cover)
Death Token "Walking dead life" - Backwards Masking
Defector "Punk system destroy" - Crust War
Disarm "Dömd" - band
Doom/Hedgehog split - HG Fact
Exithippies "Acid rain 4" - We Suck
Exithippies "s/t"  - Paank Levyt
Exithippies "Record and fantasy" - Bong/No Fucking Labels
Exithippies/Stagnation - Paank Levyt
Fall Out "Salami tactics" - Fallout (photocopied cover)
Final Count "s/t" flexi - Final
Forward "Ask then decide" - Blood Sucker (black wax)
Ghoul "Oi Oi" flexi
Gorilla Angreb "s/t" Kick N Punch (1st press - yellow vinyl)
Gorilla Angreb "Long Island b/w Sypersyn" - Spild Af Vinyl
HHH "Intelectual punks" 7" - Dissonance
No Hope For The Kids "Das reich/Secret police" - Backwards Masking 
No Security/Crocodile Skink split - DIY
Out Cold "Lost cause" - Fudgeworthy
PHC "Gravel truck" - New Beginning (yellow wax)
The Rustler "s/t" flexi - D.I.S.
Tetsu-Arrey "Force" - HG Fact
V/A - No Control At The Country Club Live - Nemesis

Billingsgate "No apologies" - Nemesis (red wax)
Exithippies "Hard funk" - Statement
Fuck On The Beach "Power violence forever" - Slap A Ham (white wax)
HHH/Vitu's Dance split - Fobi-Durus Sentimientos
Morne "Demo" - No Options
Nuclear Death Terror "s/t" - Plague Bearer (test press/release party version /150 w. hand screened cover)
Ripcord "Defiance of power" - Manic Ears
Shelter "Perfection of desire" - Equal Vision (sealed) 
V/A - Possessed To Skate - Pessimisser
V/A - Vikings Are Coming DLP - New Face

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#49 PROFOSS "s/t" E.P.
#48 SNOR "Scandinavian heartbreaker" E.P.
#47 STRUL "Föredrar ju fest" E.P.
#46 GLORIOUS? "Neverending butchery" E.P.
#45 KATASTROF "s/t" E.P. (blue or black wax)
#44 ARSLE "s/t" E.P. (brown or black wax)
#43 DAMAGED HEAD "Gone" E.P.
#41 PLANET Y "s/t" E.P. (white or black wax)
#40 GLORIOUS? "Who are they to impose restrictions?" LP
#38 THE WAR GOES ON "s/t" LP
#34 LESION "s/t" E.P.
#33 NEU-RONZ "s/t" E.P.
#32 DRY HEAVES "Slim pickings" LP (red or black wax)
#30 NIGHT FEVER "Vendetta" 12"
#27 PRIMITIVE RITES "Amount to nothing" E.P. (red or black wax)
#24 DAMAGED HEAD "s/t" E.P.
#18 DEATH TOKEN "They worship us" DLP (white or black wax)
#16 U.X. VILEHEADS "Hardcore XI" LP
#14 NITAD "En ding ding värld" E.P.
#12 SELF ABUSE "s/t" MC
#10 U.X. VILEHEADS "Catch 22" E.P.
#08 LOVE POTION "Ejaculator" E.P. 
#06 SMARTS COPS "Cominciare a vivere" E.P. (white or black wax)
#02 INSTÄNGD "Konkret och brutal" E.P.

    H            H            H            H            H            H
    A            A            A            A            A            A
    R            R            R            R            R            R
    D            D            D            D            D            D
    C            C            C            C            C            C
 KT O WN      KT O WN      KT O WN      KT O WN      KT O WN      KT O WN
    R            R            R            R            R            R
    E            E            E            E            E            E      

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AGENT ORANGE "Your mother sucks cocks in hell" 7" - Graaf Hendrick '83
ARTICLES OF FAITH "Wait" 7" - Wasteland/Affirmation '83
THE AUTHORITIES "Soundtrack for trouble" 7" - Selecta '82 
THE BRAT "Attitudes" 10" - Fatima '79
DIE KREUZEN "Cows and beer" 7" - Version Sound '82
"The price of silence" 7" - MNW '83 (Swedish pressing)
"Punk and destroy" LP '84 - VAP (with OBI)
"Why" 12" - VAP '85 (with OBI)
+ bootlegs, t-shirts, posters, pins and various merch
THE END "s/t" 7" - The End Productions '79
THE EXECUTE "Hardcore temptation" 7" - DOA '83
GAS "No more Hiroshima" 7" flexi - '82
GG ALLIN "no rules" 7" - Orange '82
HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST - bootlegs + shirts
KRAUT "Kill for cash" 7" - Cabbage '81 + "Unemployment" 7" - Cabbage '81
LIKET LEVER "Levande begravd" 7" - Sista Bussen '79
MECHT MENSCH "Acceptance" 7" - Bone-Air '82
"Get loaded and fuck" MC - band '88
"Kings of punk" LP - Pusmort (Portland edition w. poster + inserts) '86
"Pick your king" 7" - Fatal Erection (clear) '83
"Plastic bomb/We got the beat" MC - band '89
+ Long sleeves and various t-shirts
R.I.P./ESKORBUTO split LP - Spansuls '84 (1st press)
SADO NATION "s/t" 7" - Trap '79
THE SEXUAL "Suicide" 7" flexi - Kochi '85
SO WHAT "Injustice" 8" flexi - D.I.S. '85
TERCER MUNDO "s/t" 7" - Cintas Pepe '12
VARAUS "1/2" one sided 12" - Raus '82
VORKRIEGSJUGEND "Heute spazz morgen tot" 2x7" - Pogar '83	
ZOUO "Final agony" 7" - AA '84

- International hardcore / punk classics from the late 70's to the mid 80's.

86 MENTALITY "Total hate" demo
KOWARD "s/t" demo
MAD MEN "s/t" demo
OTAN "Jodeles" demo
VAASKA "s/t" demo