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Mike Schneider

If there are specific things you're looking for you can email me and ask. I have thousands of records I can trade.

I now have around 4000 records and CD's listed on discogs that I can trade!
If you have any questions on anything, my email address is mike@welfarerecords.net

Everything I am looking for is on my wantlist, if it is not on the list, I already have it or don't want it.
Thanks, Mike

I will be adding a bunch of new stuff to trade soon. Here is a small List for now:

Impetigo - Ultimo Mondo Cannibale LP 1st press Zombies - 1st LP US pressing Porno For Pyros - s/t LP 1st press 13th Floor Elevators - 1st LP 70's press Slayer - Divine Intervention LP 1st press Cramps - Bad Music for bad people LP 1st press Beastie Boys - License to Ill LP 1st press MC5 - s/t US 1st press Suicidal Tendencies - s/t 1st press Metallica - Jump in the fire 12" UK press Black Flag - Damaged LP unicorn press Dinosaur Jr. - Bug LP 1st press Radio Birdman - Radios Appear LP 2nd Australian press Sepultura - Beneath the Remains LP 1st press Suicide Commandos - Make a record LP 1st press JFA - s/t LP 1st press Flipper - Generic LP 1st press Richard Hell - Blank Generation LP 1st press Velvet Underground - s/t LP 1st press US Stereo Food - Forever is a dream LP 1st press Various Artists - The Other (esp) LP 1st press Neighb'rhood Children - s/t LP 1st press Fu Manchu - California Crossing LP 1st press Sacred Mushroom - s/t LP 1st press Pink Floyd - Piper at the gates of dawn LP US stereo 1st press Hole - Live through this LP 1st press Clash - London Calling 2LP US white label promo The Other Half - s/t LP acta 1st press Janes Addiction - Ritual de la habitual LP 1st press Torques - Zoom LP Original early MA Garage Bad Brains - promotional box set on Caroline (only 10 made) Satan's - Raisin' Hell LP Original MA Garage Artacus Eaght - Mission Impossible LP with hand made cover Orghestar - Konungar Spaghettifrumsk garins LP Rare early Iceland Punk

In the next half a year I will be listing over 10,000 7"s on discogs that I can trade.
Email: Mike Schneider -- Ebay Name: -- Last Updated: 05/30/2019
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All the records on my wantlist are LP's or 12" ep's. None of them are 7"s, I am not looking for any 7"s. 

PUNK and HARDCORE LP'S Bizex-B - En valdtakt I vinyl (sweden) Buzzcocks - Singles going steady (japan) Cell 609 - Factories 12" (germany) Henchmen ‎– Do The Maelstrom 12" (new zealand) Leuzemia - s/t (peru) Mickeyman / Extrem - Split (austria) Painkillers - Good morning america (usa) Rotzkotz - Votsicht! Paranoia (germany) Scam - Sic World (test pressing)(usa) Storks - finalee vinylee 12" (usa) GARAGE SURF PSYCH LP'S Adrian and the Sunsets ‎– Breakthrough (usa) All of Thus - s/t (usa) Ampex - s/t (Colombia) Ariesta Birawa with Mus Mulyadi - Djoko tarub (Indonesia) Avanco 5 - Somos jovens (brazil) Avengers VI - Real cool hits (usa) Bachs - Out of the Bachs (usa) Bad Boys - Best of (uk/Italy) Beatniks - Beat (chile) Beavers - Viva! Beavers! (japan) Best - Some of the best / More of the best (usa) Bill Kimber and the Couriers - Shakin up a storm (south Africa) Bill Kimber and the Couriers - Swinging fashion (south Africa) Blue Phantom - Distortions (italy) Blue's Men - Prohibido prohibir (argentina) Bondsmen - April 2 1966 (usa) Breakaways - Album 2 (australia) British North-American Act - In the beginning (canada) Churchill's - s/t (israel) Clap - Have you reached yet? (usa) Cornells - Beach bound (usa) Dara Puspita - 2nd (indonesia) Dara Puspita - Green Green Grass (indonesia) Dara Puspita - A go go 10" (indonesia) Dara Puspita - Tabah & Cobalah (indonesia) Dee-Jays - s/t (Sweden) Deep - Psychedelic Moods (usa) Diah Iskandar & Diselina - s/t 10" (Indonesia) Du-Cats - s/t (canada) Eero Ja Jussi & The Boys - Numero 1 (finland/germany) Eero Ja Jussi & The Boys - Numero 2 (finland/germany) Eric and the Norsemen - live (usa) Fabs - The fabulous fabs (mexico) Faine Jade - Introspection (usa) Firebeats Inc. - s/t (norway) Five Kinetics - Snow children (usa) Galaxies - Cool it (no cover)(usa) Horde - s/t jcp c201 (no cover)(usa) I Delfini - s/t (Italy) I Kings - s/t (italy) I Pooh - Per quelli come noi (italy) I Ragazzi del Sole - s/t (italy) Icecross - s/t (iceland) Idaly Sisters with the X-Periment - Soul Sauce (Singapore) In Sect - A sides (Australia) Jormas - s/t (finland) Kaleidoscope - s/t (mexico) Kennelmus - Folkstone Prism (usa) Klansmann - s/t (usa) Knights 5 + 1 - On the move (usa) Koobas - s/t (uk) La Vida - s/t (mexico) Las Animas - Vuelve (mexico) Liverbirds - Star club show 4 (germany) Lone Star - s/t (spain) Lone Star - Un conjunto con antologia (spain) Los Beat 4 - Boots a go go (chile) Los Beat 4 - Habia una vez (chile) Los Buhos - s/t (argentina) Los Datsun's - Ritmo y movimiento con (peru) Los Diablos Azules - Buscados (chile) Los In - Action! (argentina) Los In - Conmocion (argentina) Los In - El toque de hoy (argentina) Los Incas Modernos - s/t (peru) Los Larks - A go go (chile) Los Larks - The larks sound go go (chile) Los Mac's - GG session (chile) Los Matematicos - Del op al pop (mexico) Los Matematicos - Go Go en rojo (mexico) Los Memphis - s/t (Venezuela) Los Monstruos - s/t (mexico) Los Ovnis - Hippies (mexico) Los Pepes - s/t (spain) Los Picapiedras - Excitante (chile) Los Picapiedras - Malon a go go (chile) Los Temerarios - A go go (mexico) Los Thunder Boys - A go go (costa rica) Los Young Beats - Ellos estan cambiando los tiempos (Colombia) Mandy & the Girlfriends - s/t (uk/germany) Marble Phrogg - s/t (usa) Mavi Isiklar - s/t (turkey) Mike Cotton Sound - s/t (uk) Mike Furber and the Bowery boys - Just a poor boy (Australia) Mike Rat and the Runaways - Live from kaskade beat club (spain/germany) Mystery Meat - Profiles (usa) ODA - s/t (usa) Out Cast - Kimi mi boku mo tomodachi ni naro (japan) P F Flyer - Play gianchetta jazz (usa) Pat Henry Y Sus Diablos Azules - ... Con "Acompañamiento"! (chile) Pecore Nere - Il nostro punto di vista (Italy) Penetrations - The fantastic penetrations / the singing octet (usa) Peter Belli & Les Rivals - s/t (denmark) Piranhas - Somethin' Fishy (usa) Planets - s/t (italy) Pleazers - definitly (australia) Pussy Group - Pussy plays (uk/italy) Ralph Carby and the Cavaliers - s/t (south africa) Rasputin and the Monks / Sun of my soul octet - s/t (usa) Revels - On a rampage (usa) Reverbs - Chalk Up (usa) Ronnie Bird - s/t (france) Seasons - Liverpool at B.A. (argentina) Shains - Los nuevos (peru) Smack - s/t (usa) Small Faces - From the beginning (uk) Small Faces - s/t 1967 (uk) Sorcery - Sinister soldiers (usa) Sound of the Reign - Reigned out (usa) Speckulations - Walking the dog in the midnight hour (usa) Stud Cole - s/t (usa) Summer Sounds - Up Down (usa) Sunshines - s/t (brazil) Swing West - on stage (japan) Teddy Robin & the Playboys - Best of 2LP (hong kong) Things to Come - s/t (usa) Thundertones - Cloudburst (usa) Tight Little Unit - Live at liberty lanes (usa) Tomcats - s/t (spain) Tony Ronald and his Kroners - s/t (netherlands) Tony Worsley and the Blue Jays - s/t (Australia) Tony Worsley - My time of day (Australia) Trio Visca - Black is black (indonesia) Unidad Cinco - s/t (guatemala) Varcels - Hang loose with (usa) Variations ‎– Dig Em Up! (usa) Various Artists - 12 Groovy Hits (bee jay)(usa) Various Artists - 17 Swingers from Teen Town (usa) Various Artists - 24 เพลงเอกจาก ยอดดาวเต้น (thailand) Various Artists - Altoona 1968 (usa) Various Artists - Bee Jay Demo II (usa) Various Artists - Hazleton 1968 (usa) Various Artists - Simla beat 70 (india) Various Artists - Simla beat 71 (india) Various Artists - Surf War /the battle of the surf groups (usa) Zombies - s/t (south Africa) Zuni Midnighters - all lp's (usa) MORE GARAGE SURF PSYCH LP'S 7th Engine - s/t (uk/peru)x Add 4 ‎– 즐거운 기타 투위스트 (south korea)x Ali-Baba Revue - Let it all hang out (usa)x All-Niters - Recorded live at the barn (usa)x Anders Nelson & Inspiration - Inspirations (hong kong)x Angels - Happy week-end (brazil)x Atlantic Coast Show - Creations / Nomads (usa)x Awakeners - Private recording by (usa)x Blue Cats - Beat beat beat (germany)x Blue Diamonds - At ashton court country club (uk)x Blues Prism - s/t (silver crest) (usa)x Bogies - On Campus (uk)x Brain Drains - s/t 10" (uk)x Burns - R&B in Tokyo (japan)x Canadian Beadles - Three faces north (Canada)x Chaps - Memories of the Chaps (switzerland)x Charles - At harlow's (usa)x Charms - s/t (greece)x Chosen Ones - s/t (usa)x Crows - Los Cuervos (mexico)x Davey Welles & the Four Winds - Blow your mind (canada)x De La Salle Chorus - Sounds of the sixties (usa)x Defenders - Looking at you (denmark)x Derek Petersen and the Escapades - s/t (south Africa)x D-Fenders - Vol. 2 (south Africa)x Dinos - Sock it to ya (mexico)x Doris Ang & the Sandboys - s/t (Singapore)x Dynamics - s/t (no cover)(usa)x Ex Checkers - Let it happen with (denamrk)x Fabulous They and I - Sing and play (Puerto rico)x Fairlanes - Hits!...Old and new (usa)x Final Solution - s/t (Puerto rico)x Fingers - Sound of the fingers (japan)x Four Wishes - With love (no cover)(usa)x Gecko & the Squids - Take one (usa)x Gents - Stompin' with the Gents (usa)x Go Go Drums Set ‎- Psychodelic Sound (chile)x Goddard Stage band - Does it's thing (usa)x He 6 - Vol.1 (south Korea)x He 6 - Vol.2 (south Korea)x He 6 - Go Go sound 71 Vol.1 (south Korea)x He 6 - Go Go sound 71 Vol.2 (south Korea)x Hoochie Coochies - Sock it to you! (south Africa)x Idol - Vol.1 (south korea)x Inside Out - Bringin it all back (usa)x Intocables - s/t (el salvador)x Invaders - Shockwave (south Africa)x Invaders - Two sides of the invaders (south africa)x Iroqouis Theatre - Dancing on the tables (usa)x Jaybirds / Typhoons - Let's go surfin (Venezuela)x Jesters - s/t (usa)x Johnny Kongos and the G men - It's all happening (south africa)x Johnny Kongos and the G men - Oh boy (south africa)x Johnny Kongos and the G men - s/t (south africa)x Juvenal Y la Banda - s/t (mexico)x Kordell's - Volume one (uk)x Krickets - Sound by the krickets (no cover)(usa)x La Libre Expression - s/t (mexico)x Les Cruches - Live (holland)x Les Denvers - Liverpool party (france)x Los 4 Crickets - Go go zando (Colombia)x Los Atomos - s/t (peru)x Los Blazers - Onda Sicodelica (mexico)x Los Brillos - Capitan Capitan (mexico)x Los Brujos - Carta a mi nina (mexico)x Los Claners - Vol. 3 (Venezuela)x Los Claners - Yeah yeah yeah (venezuela)x Los Diamantes - 2 a go go (Puerto rico)x Los Espectros - s/t (peru)x Los Fakirs - Dificil de creer (mexico)x Los Fantoms - Exitos de 1965 de (mexico)x Los Faros - s/t (spain)x Los Gliders - Explosivos del 65 (mexico)x Los Hellions ‎– The Hellions (nicaragua)x Los Hellions ‎– vol.2 (nicaragua)x Los Huracanes - s/t (spain/venezuela)x Los Kreyers - s/t (Venezuela)x Los Pussycats - A go go (chile)x Los Rebeldes - Baile el bicycle (Colombia)x Los Sinclairs - El Poeta (Puerto rico)x Los Six - s/t (Venezuela)x Los X-5 - Al compas de la nueva ola (puerto rico)x Los Zombies ‎– Pescador De Perlas... (mexico)x Lunar 5 - Success is the Lunar five (south Africa)x Marauders - Check in with (usa)x Melvis and the Gentlemen - s/t (denmark)x Mike Warner and his New Stars - s/t (germany)x Mirage - s/t (usa)x Mustangs - s/t 1965 (germany)x Mysterians - s/t (usa)x Mystery Trend - San Fransisco museum of modern art live (usa)x Naomi and the Boys - Best of Naomi (singapore)x Noggers - Mi discotheque (Venezuela)x Odd Persons - World beat hits (germany)x One Way Streets - s/t (11 tracks no cover)(usa)x Other Half - s/t (Canada)x Phantoms - The two sides (Australia)x Pipers - See saw (Italy)x Rationals - The fan club lp (test pressing only) (usa)x Richard Anthony & the Blue Notes - s/t (usa)x Ricky & the Martinets - LM radio (south Africa)x Ricky Brown and the Hi-Lites - Liverpool beat (uk/germany)x Rivets - Yes it's time (germany)x Ronny Joes - Salam manisku 10" (Indonesia)x Saharas - Live at the ferris state college (usa)x Saints - s/t 10" (uk)x Shamrocks - A paris Cadillac (sweden)x Shamrocks - Smoke rings (sweden)x Shanes - Let us show you (sweden)x Sharp Hawks - Go go sharp hawks (japan)x Siglo XXI - Tu y el parquet (mexico)x Son Of P.M. ‎– Classic goes modern dance (thailand)x Soul Agents - s/t polydor 2427 001(hong kong)x Sound Riders - s/t (germany)x Spider & the Crabs - s/t (usa)x St. John Cyo-Memphis & Teenagers Of St. John Parish - Johnny's World (usa)x Staccatos - The second sin (south Africa)x Statesmen - Five + one (uk)x Sting Rays - Take off with 10" (usa)x Swordsmen - s/t (Australia)x Tempests - That's right walk on by (Canada)x Tempos - s/t 10" (usa)x Tetty Kadi & Buana Suara - Ob la di ob la da (Indonesia)x Topmost - s/t (finland)x Tor-Kays - s/t (usa)x Unknowns - Saturday Night with (usa)x Upside Dawne - s/t (usa)x Various Artists - Battle of the beats (south Africa)x Various Artists - Heath high "on mike" 1968 (usa)x Various Artists - It's happening here (usa)x Various Artists - Mano A Mano (Nicaragua)x Various Artists - Shake! shout! & soul! (usa)x Various Artists - The Happening '68 Monte Vista High School CA (usa)x V-Rangers - Explosion (Austria)x Wanderers 5 - Now hear this (south Africa)x We 4 - In action (sweden)x Wes Dakus with the Rebels - Album (Canada)x Winky And The Ramses ‎- Play It Safe 10" (usa)x Yanti Bersaudara - Sinbad 10" (indonesia)x Zodiacs - Breaking Out (usa)x OTHER LP'S Bobby Greer - A tribute to elvis (usa) Bobby Lee Trammell - Arkansas twist (usa) Cables ‎– What Kind Of World (jamaica) Carl Perkins - Dance album (usa) Case histories of sex starved women (usa) Chen Qiong Mei - 1st & 2nd LP's (taiwan) Dandy - Rock steady with dandy (uk) Derrick Morgan - Forward March! (jamaica) Desmond Dekker & the aces - Action! (jamaica) Desmond Dekker & the aces - 007 Shanty town (uk) Desmond Dekker & the aces - Intensified (jamaica) France Gall - Baby pop (france) Girlie And Laurel Aitken - Scandal In A Brixton Market (uk) Isabel Baker - I like god's style (usa) Laurel Aitken - Ska With Laurel (uk) Laurel Aitken - The fantastic Laurel Aitken (belgium) Lilis Surjani - Pemburu (indonesia) Lilis Surjani - 1st LP (indonesia) Link Wray ‎– Sings And Plays Guitar (usa) Link Wray and his Ray Men ‎– Great guitar hits (usa) Lorita Barlow - Cute and country (usa)x Magia Blanca - Musica Moderna (dominican republic)x Maytals - Never Grow Old (uk/jamaica) Maytals - The Sensational Maytals (uk/jamaica) Meire Pavão - Meire 1966 (brazil) Monica Lassen & the Sounds - La Jouissance (japan) Pattie Bersaudara - A go go 10" (Indonesia) Patti Bersaudara - Soul (Indonesia) Prince Buster - Fly flying ska (uk) Prince Buster - I Feel The Spirit (uk) Prince Buster And His All Stars - Ska-Lip-Soul (uk) Ray Smith - Travelin with ray (usa) Rosemary - s/t 1967 (brazil) Sandy Edmonds - The Sound Of Sandy (new zealand) Skatalites - Top Sounds From Top-Deck (Ska Boo-Da-Ba)(uk) Slim Smith - Born to love (jamaica) Sodsai Chaengkij - Swing Latin (thailand) Sodsai Chaengkij - The most popular singer in town (thailand) T_J Jon - Footprints of elvis (usa) Yao Su Yong - A go go (taiwan) Yao Su Yong - Oh summer wine (taiwan) RANDOM Ramones - End of the century 8track Ramones - Pleasant Dreams 8track Rezillos - Can't Stand the Rezillos 8track Richard Hell - Xerox of cover sheet for Blank Generation test pressing Stranglers - Stranglers IV (Rattus Norvegicus) 8track Undertones - first 2 albums 8tracks Vibrators - Pure Mania 8track